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Radiation & Laser Safety

Old Dominion University is licensed to use radioactive materials by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The mission of the Radiation Safety program is to assist university personnel and students in the safe acquisition, handling and disposal of radiation sources.

Each individual proposing to use radioactive material in research is required, by license conditions, to submit applications that document previous training and experience with radioactive material and describes the specific radionuclide and proposed protocol. Individuals authorized to use these materials are either:

  • Authorized Users - faculty members.
  • Qualified Users - laboratory technicians and students.
  • Restricted Users - individuals that have not had prior training that must work under direct supervision of an Authorized User.

For questions or concerns regarding radioactive materials or laser safety, please contact:

Sheri Vann, Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation Safety Program Information

Radiation Safety Forms

  • RSO-1 Application for AU and QU status-RAM
  • RSO-2 Application for possession and use-RAM
  • RSO-3 Application for AU and QU status-Rad Producing Machines
  • RSO-4 Application for Possession & Use of Rad Producing Machines
  • RSO-6 Possession and Use Renewal
  • RSO-8 Semi-Annual Radioactive Materials Inventory
  • RSO-11a General Student Dosimeter Request Form
  • RSO-11b Faculty-Staff Dosimeter Request Form
  • RSO-11c Nuclear Medicine Dosimeter Request Form
  • RSO-13 Estimated Exposure for lost or Damaged Dosimeter
  • RSO-29 Declaration of Pregnancy
  • RSO-50 Radioactive Waste Removal Form

Laser Safety

Laser Safety Forms