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Safety Video Collection

These videos are available for use by Old Dominion University Faculty, Staff. There is no charge for using these videos. Replacement costs for lost or damaged videos will be billed to the borrowing department or organization.

To gain use of any video simply follow the directions listed below:

      1. Determine which videos you would like to view.
      2. Call the office at 683-4495 to see if video is available.
      3. Stop by the office, fill out Rental Form and pick-up videos.



Code Title Description Length


Bloodborne Pathogens

Vital information on HBV, HCV and HIV, transmission, minimizing risk, housekeeping and proper waste disposal.

20 min


Forklift Fundamentals: Get the Facts

Operating a forklift is a highly skilled job that is dangerous if not done properly. This DVD teaches employees about safe forklift operation, including forklift design and function, controls and instruments, pre-use inspection, and stability, capacity and visibility.

22 min


LOCKOUT/TAGOUT: Controlling the Beast

This DVD features the training content of Coastal's Lockout/Tagout: Controlling The Beast video - vital lockout/tagout procedures, the hazards of uncontrolled energy and how and why to lockout

19 min


Office Ergonomics:

It's Your Move

This DVD features the training content of Coastal's Office Ergonomics: It's Your Move video. It takes a look at musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), their signs and symptoms, and what your employees can do to prevent them.

16 min


Safety Orientation ON ALERT

Covers all aspects of safety from ergonomics to slips/trips/falls.



Slips, Trips & Falls

Discusses the causes and effects of slips, trips, and falls and procedures to follow to avoid them.

20 min


Heat Stress:
Staying Healthy, Working Safely

This program explains how to protect your body in high temperatures/high humidity environments. It covers ways to stay hydrated, proper clothing, and ways to cool down someone who is suffering from heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

14 min


Bloodborne Pathogens:
Exposure Control




Driven to Distraction II

Help raise awareness of this dangerous practice among your employees with this high-impact training DVD. Once, again, the Distraction Demon rides along with various drivers egging them on to give in to the myriad of distractions tempting today's drivers.



Stormwater Run-off: I can make a difference.

Inform your employees about the harmful effectos of oil, grease, harmful bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful contaminants found in stormwater runoff.



Office Safety: It's a jungle in there.

This program shows how to cope with the risks so that your workers can negotiate their way safely around the dangerous jungle that is the office.



Every Choice Matters

Every Choice Matters poignantly demonstrates that when your employees choose safety it's about more than just them. It's about their family and caring about their co-workers and their families and loved ones. When someone is seriously injured or hurt on the job, the pain and devastation that follows doesn't stop with the individual. It continues to cut into the lives and hearts of family members, friends and coworkers long after the incident is over.

19 min


HAZCOM for Non-Industrial Employee

Dangerous chemicals cannot be avoided. Your employees will encounter them at work, and lack of expertise can be the cause of accidents. This program aims to inform them on safety measures when dealing with these lethal substances.



Strains & Sprains

Sprains and strains may not be considered serious workplace injuries, but they absolutely cause lost time, reduce wages and disrupt employee health and productivity. Reduce the risk of these injuries occurring in your workplace with this high-impact training DVD.

16 min


Operation & Safety Videos

Boom Lift Safety
Scissor Lift Safety

47 min
36 min

DVD16 Welding:  Safe work with Hotwork In hotwork operations, safety is a burning issue. But through this program, you can cool down the risks and torch the dangers. It details various types of welding and corresponding vital precautions.  Personal hazards, Hazardous fumes and substances,   Equipment safety. 19 min
 DVD17 HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Hazard Communication standard has recently been enhanced with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).  This new HazCom standard not only gives workers the right to know the chemicals and hazards they face, but the right to understand them and how to protect themselves from danger. 16 min



Code Title Description Length
AS101 Asbestos Abatement A total overview of asbestos abatement techniques and technologies 1 hr
AS102 Maintaining Asbestos Covered Surfaces Provides specific instructions on how to minimize asbestos exposure for janitors, custodial, and industrial maintenance personnel 50 min
AS103 Testing Buildings for Asbestos Hazards Explains the principles and procedures for assessing and documenting asbestos hazards in buildings of every type 1 hr
BI101 Bloodborne Pathogens Informs employees about bloodborne diseases, how they can be transmitted, and protective measures needed to prevent exposure 12 min
CH103 Comprehensive Management of Compressed Gases Reveals safety techniques for proper handling and usage of compressed gases 21 min
CH104 Eye Safety Explains procedures and precautions to follow for eye safety and includes protective measures 20 min
CH105 Laboratory Safety Discusses the potential hazards found in a laboratory and how to protect your safety and health by reinforcing the proper procedures and safe lab practices found in your Chemical Hygiene Plan 12 min
CH106 Laboratory Safety Discusses OSHA Formaldehyde Standard 13 min
CH107 Laboratory Fume Hood Safety Laboratory fume hood use guidelines and information 17 min
CH108 OSHA Lab Standard Introduces employees and supervisors who work in a laboratory setting to OSHA's Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories Rule also known as the OSHA Lab Standard 13 min
CH109 Right To Know - Cleaning Personnel Provides information regarding proper chemical handling for cleaning personnel and includes PPE awareness. 31 min
CH110 Small Spills And Leaks Discusses the 7 basic steps to follow when cleaning spills or/and leaks of hazardous material 20 min
CH111 Spill Prevention Provides awareness on the prevention and the containment of chemical spills 17 min
CH112 What's Wrong With This Picture Working With Chemicals Safely 30 min
CH113 Laboratory Fume Hoods Laboratory fume hood use guidelines and information 12 min
CH114 HIV in the Research Laboratory Controlling your risks of exposure 28 min
CH115 Radionuclide Hazards, Chemical Hazards, Emergency Response Safety In The Research Laboratory 12, 10, 12 min
CH116 Centrifugation Hazards, Chemical Storage Hazards, Glassware Washing Hazards Safety In The Research Laboratory 9, 11, 10 min
CH117 Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards, X-ray Diffraction, Assessing Risks Safety In The Research Laboratory 8, 9, 11 min
CH118 Practicing Safe Science Gives safety tips with demonstrations and shows re-enactments of lab accidents 8, 9, 11 min
CH119 Virtual E.P.A Inspection    
GE101 Protecting Your Newborn Gives safety tips for protecting your infant in a vehicle and includes some home safety awareness 16 min
HA101 Back at Work Back Safety 16 min
HA102 Driving in Rainy Weather Provides procedures and techniques for safe driving 22 min
HA103 Ergonomics Provides information for safe work habits and the proper usage of equipment 20 min
HA104 Ergonomics

OSHA: New Ways of Working
Describes proper usage of equipment and work habits. 9 min
HA105 HAZCOM Warning Labels Provides detail information on the importance of HAZCOM labels and how to identify them 26 min
HA107 Slips, Trips, and Falls Discusses the causes and effects of slips, trips, and falls and procedures to follow to avoid them 21 min
HA108 Working Smart General Office Safety 20 min
HA109 Housekeeping Discusses safe housekeeping procedures for proper storage, prevention of slips, trips, and falls, and dust and fire hazards 7 min
HA110 Working Around Scaffolding Worker Awareness 14 min
HA111 Playground Safety Overview of playground hazards 13 min
HA112 Home Watch Safety tips for the home setting 13 min
HA113 Lock-Out/Tag-Out   19 min
HA114 The Best Defense:

Hand washing
  12 min
HA115 The ABC's of Safe and Healthy Child Care:

Handwashing & Diapering
Demonstrates procedures for hand washing and diapering that will help prevent the spread of infection. Offers helpful tips and recommendations.  
HA116 Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker Be sure your qualified electrical workers are well informed about safety procedures. This cutting-edge training program will teach them the proper methods and precautions to avoid electrical shock, serious burns and arc flash accidents. 18 min

Hearing Protection:            A Sound Practice

  16 min
RA101 Fundamentals Of Radiation Safety General information on radiation safety awareness 45 min
RA102 Hospital Radiation Protection Practices Includes helpful information on safe radiation protection practices in a hospital setting 45 min
RA103 Laser Safety Discusses hazard and safety guidelines, laser classification, engineering controls, and protective eyewear 17 min
RA104 NRC's Standards for Protection Information on proposed changes to NRC's standards 14 min
RA105 Radiation Protection Standards Protective measures that should be practiced when working with radioactive materials 35 min
RA106 Occupational Radiation Exposure Risk Association 40 min
RA107 The Key to Decontamination Procedures Provides safety procedures for working with radioactive material and gives decontamination guidelines 18 min
RA108 Radiation Types and effects of exposure 20 min
RA109 Radiation: Fact & Myth    
RE101 3M Respiratory Training Easy Care Series 9 min
RE102 3M Respiratory Training Easy Air Half and Full Mask 14 min
RE105 A Breath of Fresh Air Improving Air Quality in Your Office 25 min
RE106 Confined Space Entry The Final Regulation 19 min
RE107 Fit Test Procedures Half Mask Respirators 15 min
RE108 Respiratory Protection Overview of elements of a respiratory protection program 11 min
RE110 OSHA Respiratory Protection Provides worker awareness on the design, selection, uses, and limits of respirators. 25 min