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Facilities Management

Facilities Management’s Recoverable Resources Welcomes YOU to ODU!

Hello Residents,

Once you’ve finished unpacking, we’d like you to think green and RECYCLE any boxes or other recyclable materials you have:

  1. Please empty and flatten all cardboard boxes.
  2. Bring flattened cardboard boxes to the designated cardboard dumpster located outside your building. Signs are posted on each floor and in the lobby of your building, or ask your RA or other staff members for locations. Please be sure to stack or place all the cardboard boxes neatly into or adjacent to the dumpster.
  3. Please do not place plastic wrap, foam packaging, or other refuse into recycling containers.
  4. Newspaper, mixed paper, and boxboard can be placed in the Mixed Paper Recycling container located at the recycling center on your floor or within the lobby of your building.
  5. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be placed in the Aluminum and Plastic Recycling container located at the recycling station on your floor or lobby.

Thank you for your assistance and efforts to help make Move-In a success!

Move -In begin from August 1st through September 1st.