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Facilities Management

Hello Faculty/Staff,

The Facilities Management Recycling Department is conducting it's annual recycling event called "College Challenge" which is a friendly contest that pits the staff and faculty of each of our colleges against each another to see who can recycle the most from October 1st through October 31st 2014.

Please note that the contest winner will be determined by taking total weight of recycled materials divided by the number of faculty and staff in that college. This will help even the playing field because of the different sizes of each college. For the contest we will measure two types of recycling streams one for materials recycled within the campus building and the other at your home both count towards the total. Your home report is self-generated and you don't have to bring any materials to the campus, just weigh or estimate them. The entry of values will be updated once a week and can be found below in the results section. All documented evidence of recycling will be much appreciated in the contest. Once all of the necessary data has been collected, contest winners are solely determined by the Support Services Department. The winner will be awarded "COLLEGE CHALLENGE TROPHY". with their college name represented on the it.

List of Colleges

College of Arts and Letters College of Business and Public Administration Darden College of Education Batten College of Engineering and Technology College of Health Sciences

 College of Sciences

From Home 


From College


Total (in pounds)


 No. of Staff / Faculty


Recycled weight per capita