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Facilities Management

Hello Residents,

It's the end of April and you've finished your final exams. It's time to pack and move out of your 4' x 6' room. Packing your belongings becomes interesting as you run across:

  • A mega-pack of ramen noodles you bought at the beginning of the year and shoved in your closet.
  • The pink-flowered, fuchsia, wool sweater crammed in the back of your dresser.
  • The 4 unopened, super-sized containers of laundry detergent that you thought you would need are jammed in the corner of your closet.       

You look at your small compact car noticing one problem: YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR THIS STUFF! Does this sound familiar? If so, Recoverable Resources has an alternative besides throwing this great stuff away - Donate it! 

Beginning April 26th through May 11th 2014, a donation area will be set up in the central area or lobby of every Residence Hall. This area is where residents can donate items they don't want, can't believe they own, or simply don't have room for in their car. These materials will be picked up by the Recoverable Resource's staff, sorted into categories and donated to the CHARITIES