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Do I have to separate white and color paper?

White and color paper can be mixed together at Old Dominion University and put in bins labeled paper products. This includes paper with any color ink, blue or green-barred, and yellow legal paper. Construction paper is considered a contaminant and should not be recycled with blended paper. See our materials list for a complete list of contaminates.

Can I recycle magazines?

Yes, magazines are made out of light, glossy paper and can be mixed in with newspaper.

Can I recycle Batteries?

Yes! You can recycle batteries. Please place them at the nearest recycle bin.

Can I recycle Metals?

Yes! All types and grades of metals are accepted.

Can I recycle all types of Electronics?

Yes! Electronic recycling plays a significant part in our sustainability efforts.

Are tires recyclable?

Yes! Although we do not recycle them at Old Dominion University, however you can take the tires to a local tire retailer where you may have to pay a small disposal fee.

Are cereal boxes recyclable?

Yes! We do accept it. Although cereal Boxes are made of chipboard, which isn't as valuable of a substance for recycling as cardboard or plain paper we still recycle the material.

Can I recycle Pizza Boxes?

Yes! You can recycle pizza boxes at Old Dominion University. However, it should be free of food waste.

Can I recycle all types Plastic?

We accept all shapes, types and numbers. You can recycle all of your plastic here at Old Dominion University.

Are food containers to be rinsed?

Yes! Before putting those empties into recycling containers they should be thoroughly rinsed and free from food waste.

Where can I recycle telephone books?

Recoverable Resources tries to accommodate large offices by giving them special bins for telephone book collection. These are generally located near where the new books are being distributed. Telephone books can also be recycled along with newspaper and can be put in paper bins.