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Hello Residents,

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 is the date for the Recycleathon - brought to you by your Facilities Management Recycling Department and Housing Residential Life.

During this time, Residential properties divided as shown in the table below, under the guidance of their (RA's) will compete in a one day weigh-in to see how much recyclables they have collected. The recyclable material must be collected and placed in the metal wired containers located next to each dumpster. 

Accepted materials include paper products like catalogs, junk mail, magazines, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass, and electronics. The contest does not accept food waste.

Please note that the contest winner will be determined by taking total weight of recycled materials divided by the number of students residing in that residential area. This will help even the playing field because of the different sizes of the residence halls. The Recycling Department will dispatch trucks to gather all materials collected from the residential areas, weigh it and determine the winning area.

The RA'S of the each residence hall will collect all the students names to be entered into a raffle, to decide student winners for a prize.

Remember, all you'll have to do is to simply collect all the recyclable materials from your room and residence building and have it ready for collection during the Recycleathon.


List of Residential Properties

 Whitehurst Hall / ODU Inn

Powhatan Apartments


Quad Houses

Rogers / Gresham

 Village Apartments

No. of Residents



 Total Weight (in pounds)

 Recycled weight per capita