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Facilities Management

Sustainability Assessment

Waste Disposal

Facilities has installed a 40 cubic yard compactor on site to remove waste from the campus. The compactor was installed to eliminate our waste from going to the landfill, decomposing and creating methane and carbon dioxide.

The waste from this compactor is taken to a Solid Waste Processing plant where through operations at the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Plant and Power Plant, SPSA processes waste into fuel which is burned to create steam and electricity. In addition to refuse derived fuel production, non-processable waste and reject materials are removed from the RDF Plant waste stream, and ferrous metals and aluminum cans are separated for recycling.

Methane gas is bad for the environment because methane is particularly potent among the group of greenhouse gas that traps heat inside the earth's atmosphere, contributing to global warming.


Non-motorized forms of transportation at the Facilities play a critical role in accessibility to the University’s Grounds.


Renewable resources: We use a 20% bio diesel – soy bean oil instead of fossil fuels. Biodiesel is being used in Grounds and automotive vehicles.


With the recommendation we have increased the amount of bike parking around residence halls.

Housing has increase the number of front loading washers requiring less water.


Facilities Work Management department is using an online work order system that in time will eliminate the use of paper.


Housekeeping partners with a list of selected vendors who assist them on how to help the University become more cost-efficient regarding its supplies and dispensing systems. These products are ecologically friendly and health-conscious, utilizing the latest technology in the custodial industry. Some of the initiatives are already in place, while others are under evaluation for consideration for implementation.