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Office of Finance

Authorized Signature List

Individuals must be on the Master Signature List in order to sign against their budget codes for any purpose.  A list of some areas that use the Master Signature List is shown below.  The Finance Systems Manager is responsible for maintaining the Master Signature List for Old Dominion University.  To be added to the Master Signature List, please complete the Request to be Added to the Master Signature List form.  The budget unit director for the budget should approve the request. 

If the person to be added to the Master Signature List is the budget unit director, someone higher in the organizational structure must approve the request.  NOTE:  Signature authority will only be granted to Old Dominion University employees.

Budget Unit Directors are responsible and accountable for all budget and fiscal matters associated with their respective department/college or unit.  As stewards of funds provided by the Commonwealth and the University, they must be familiar with all financial policies and procedures.  Please refer to University Policy #3001, Responsibility of Budget Unit Directors on Use of Funds (Expenditures)

Designating a Budget Unit Director - Please note that adding an individual to the Master Signature List does not officially designate an individual as a Budget Unit Director (BUD).  To officially designate an individual as a Budget Unit Director, please send notification to the Finance Systems Manager, Data Control, Office of Finance.  In Banner, the system shows the main BUD of record.

BUD Delegates - Budget Unit Directors may assign responsibility to Budget Delegates.  These delegates will be able to approve all transactions/changes in the place of the main BUD or responsibilities can be restricted to certain areas (i.e., Computer Account Requests).  These delegates are maintained in MIDAS and maintained by the Finance Systems Manager.  Ultimate responsibility for departmental budgets rests with the main BUD.

Some current users of the Master Signature List include most service units that serve the Old Dominion University community:

  • Bookstore
  • Procurement Services 
  • Technology Store
  • Telecommunications
  • Work Management (Facilities Management)
  • Payroll
  • Quick Copy
  • Accounts Payable
  • Mailroom