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Office of Finance

Financial Reports


Banner is the official record for all University expenditures and provides budget activity detail and summary data on-line. Users who have the proper access can monitor and reconcile their budget using the following Banner forms:

  • Budget Availability Status Form (FGIBAVL) - displays current operating expense budget for the specific personal service categories (administrative, classified, wages, etc.) and pool accounts for benefits, non-personal services, travel, and equipment expenditures.

  • Organization Budget Status Form (FGIBDST) - displays total budget, year-to-date activity, and commitments (encumbrances) by sub-account, with links to summary, detail, and encumbrance information.

  • Detail Transaction Activity Form (FGITRND) - shows transaction detail for a specific sub-account.

For information on how to use Banner to monitor and reconcile your departmental budget, please refer to Banner Finance and Budget training materials.  You may also register for Banner Finance and Budget training.



The Office of Finance does not provide hard copy monthly budget reports.  Banner ePrint allows users to print monthly financial reports as soon as they are available - usually the first business day of the month.  Please ensure that you see the message indicating that financial reports have been validated before using any reports via ePrint.

Employees who monitor and report on budget and payroll activity can obtain access to ePrint.  However, before the access is granted, all users must attend Office of Finance ePrint training, which is offered monthly.  Registration for ePrint training is via the Knowledge Center.

In ePrint the following reports are available to those who monitor budgets:

  • FGRBDSC - Y-T-D Activity - similar to the Organization Budget Status Form (FGIBDST)
    This report shows the summary information for a budget by sub-account.
  • FGRODTA - Detail Activity - similar to the Detail Transaction Activity Form (FGITRND)
    This report shows activity by sub-account.
  • NHRSDST Employee Payroll Summary by Org
    This report shows payroll activity for each payee by budget code.


All inquiries about these reports and requesting access can be made to the Data Control staff at x3257 or to the Finance Systems Manager at x3279.