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General Hiring Information for Student Employees

Departments are responsible for ensuring that all hiring paperwork is completed correctly, approved by the appropriate level of management, and submitted to E-1S Processing.  The E-1SU or E-1SG must be processed by E-1S Processing before a new student is authorized to begin work.

Required Hiring Documentation for NEW Employees

The E-1SU (Undergraduate Student Employment Data Form) and the E-1SG (Graduate Student Employment Data Form) are the hiring documents for student workers. These forms must be completed, approved, and processed by the E-1S Processing office before a student can begin work. The E-1SU or E-1SG indicates the dates of employment and the amounts a student is expected to earn. 

In addition to the appropriate E-1S form, the following additional requirements must be met before a new student can begin work (required forms are part of the New Employee Packet under Human Resources forms):

  • Certification of Employment Eligibility (I-9) - required by Federal law.
  • Child Support Disclosure - required by Commonwealth of Virginia law.
  • Drug and Alcohol Notification Form - required by Commonwealth of Virginia law.
  • Selective Service Compliance Form - required by Federal law for all new male employees.
  • Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media, Policy 1.75 Certificate of Receipt - required by Commonwealth of Virginia statute and University Policy (employees must be provided a copy of the actual policy, and they keep the policy)
  • Copy of the Social Security Card - the University is required to record each employee's name and social security number exactly as it is shown on the individual's social security card.  Must be signed to be valid for I-9 or employment purposes.
  • Conflict of Interests Dual Employment Reporting Form - This is a mandatory requirement and is part of the hiring package for student workers.  (Effective for undergraduate students hired for the 10/16/2009-10/31/2009 pay period.  Effective for graduate assistants hired for the 10/25/2009-11/09/2009 pay period.)
  • Elected Official Disclosure Form - This is a required disclosure to determine employment eligibility for non-tenure track positions.
  • Direct Deposit of Pay form - required for all new hires unless an individual opts out in writing.
  • Tax Forms - Current year Federal (W-4) and State (VA-4) withholding forms.Submit for initial appointment, when there are changes in withholding, and when an employee claims exempt from withholding.For those employees claiming exemption from withholding, withholding forms must be submitted each year,

    • Failure to submit W-4 or VA-4 - Employees need to understand that if they do not submit completed W-4 and/or W-4 withholding forms, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Old Dominion University to withhold taxes at the highest rate, which is single with no withholding allowances.  Furthermore, Old Dominion University cannot repay any of the tax previously withheld.  The Old Dominion University Payroll Office cannot change the tax withholding status of an employee until Payroll receives new tax withholding forms or corrected forms, whichever applies.

International Students are required to complete all hiring documentation except the appropriate E-1S Form in the International Student and Scholar Services office in 214 Spong Hall.  International students are generally exempt from the Selective Service Compliance Form.

Continuing Students (4025, 4028, 4029)

Beginning with the August 16-30, 2012 pay period, a paper E-1S will no longer be required for student hourly students subject to Web Time Entry for the following pay actions.  Use of the EPAF process is mandatory for the following actions:

  • Rehiring a student hourly in the same position
  • Rehiring a student hourly in a different position (whether in initial hiring department or another department)
  • Rate changes
  • Terminations of a job (person leaving a position)
  • Terminations of an employee (person leaving the University)

For stipend students paid from 4025, 4026, 4028, 4029, use of the paper E-1S is required for ALL pay actions (original hire, continuation, changes in stipend amount, changes in end date, termination).


For graduate assistants, the E-1SG must be submitted for all pay actions (original hire, continuation, changes in amount, changes in end date, termination).


You must adhere to the Payroll schedule for all submission deadlines.

Full Information about Hiring Students

For full information and guidelines compiled in one place, refer to the latest training materials, Employing Students, part of the Certificate in University Financial Management.