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Who uses Web Time Entry?

All classified, administrative and professional faculty, 12-month faculty, 10-month faculty on VSDP, hourly, student hourly and work study employees will use the on-line system. 

How can I find the online timekeeping system?

Using Internet Explorer, log on to http://www.leoonline.odu.edu.  Click on "Enter Leo Online News and Secure Area."   Scroll down and click on "Enter Secure Area."  Scroll down to log in.  Enter your ODU USER ID and PIN.  Click the link labeled EMPLOYEE and then click TIMESHEET.   PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO ACCESS TO LEO ONLINE VIA MIDAS.

What should I do if I forget my PIN?

If you need assistance with your USER ID or PIN, please contact Customer Relations at 757-683-3030 (select option 1 from the menu), contact the Registrar's Office at 757-683-4425 (select any option from the menu and someone will be able to assist you), or contact Human Resources at 757-683-3042.

When should I enter hours on my timesheet?

You can enter your hours as they are worked.  However, please do not submit your timesheet until all hours for that pay period have been worked and entered.

I submitted my timesheet by mistake, or I did not enter all my hours.  How can I correct this?

Contact your supervisor.  If the timesheet has not been approved, it can be returned to you for correction or your supervisor can make changes for you up to 10:00am on the approver's deadline date.  If the timesheet has been approved, the supervisor must contact the Payroll Office at 757-683-3040 or 757-683-4016. 

I'm a supervisor ready to approve timesheets or leave reports, but I don't see any "pending" for my approval - what do I do?

Double check to make sure you have the correct pay period.  If the pay period is correct, then check to make sure your employees have submitted or started their timesheets.  Contact Payroll at 757-683-3040 or 757-683-4016 if you still have questions.

What if I did not receive a pay check but I submitted hours?

Check the status of your timesheet.  If it was approved, contact your Payroll Processor at 757-683-3040 or 757-683-4016.  If it was not approved, speak to your supervisor.

Can anyone else access the hours entered on my timesheet or leave report?

Only your supervisor, your supervisor's proxy, and the Payroll Staff can access your hours.  Should your supervisor or proxy modify any hours you submitted, they are required to notify you of the change and document the changes in the comment section of the timesheet or leave report.

What if I have more than one position?  More than one supervisor?

Employees must submit a timesheet for each position held.  If you have two positions with two different supervisors, you will have two timesheets; each timesheet will be routed to the approver identified for that position.

What do the different statuses mean?

Employees will appear in one of the following statuses:

  • NOT STARTED - employee has not started the timesheet or leave report
  • IN PROGRESS - employee is in the process of entering time or leave for the pay period.
  • RETURNED FOR CORRECTION - employee timesheet or leave report is being returned for correction by the employee's supervisor; employee must make corrections and resubmit the timesheet or leave report to supervisor.
  • PENDING - employee has submitted a timesheet or leave report and it is awaiting approval - changes can still be made to the hours prior to submission.
  • APPROVED - employee timesheet or leave report has been approved by the supervisor and is ready for payroll to process - no changes can be made by the employee or supervisor.
  • COMPLETED - payroll received and processed an employee's timesheet or leave report - no changes can be made.

I'm going on vacation next week.   How can I submit my time when I'm not here?

You can access your timesheet or leave report from any computer thas has an internet connection.  If the pay period has started, you can enter your vacation time prior to going on vacation.  You can also enter your time when you return from vacation provided the "submit by date" has not passed.  If you are unable to access your timesheet prior to going on vacation and will be gone until the end of the pay period, please notify your supervisor.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an individual who can serve as an approver for timesheets when a supervisor is unavailable to do so.

If my supervisor is not available when timesheets or leave reports are due, what happens?

Supervisors must designate individuals as their proxies who will approve timesheets and leave reports in their absence.  Employees should know who their supervisor's proxies are.

How do I access the timesheet as a proxy?

After you have logged in, you will see a field titled "Act as Proxy."  On the drop-down window, select the person that you are acting as proxy for.  Once you select the individual's name, all timesheets or leave reports should be waiting for approval.