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Office of Finance

Instructional Faculty Employees - (Employee Classes F1 and F2)

Process: Instructional Faculty bonus payments must be sent to Human Resources on a specific "immediate recognition" type form for processing. Human Resources does not track or monitor these payments in any way. Since Instructional Faculty are generally considered "exempt" employees not subject to FLSA overtime provisions, no overtime recalculation in required.

Bonus payments made to instructional faculty may not be "grossed up". Generally, bonus payments will be charged to the same labor distribution accounts as the individual's regular pay unless specified otherwise. All bonus payments are charged to sub account 4036 using the BON earnings code. The Faculty Incentives Options Policy #5401 (or #6403) applies to all instructional faculty bonus payments. When the payment is made as a hiring or retention incentive, this requires a formal written agreement between the University and the individual and will be approved and signed by the President. When the payment is made as a recognition incentive this requires the approval of the Department Chair and/or Dean of the College and the Vice President for Academic Affairs before these type payments can be processed by the Payroll Office.

These payments are issued through the normal payroll process - no manual checks will be issued.