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Office of Finance

Students - (Employee Classes RA, TA, SH, SS, ST and WS or Non-Employees)

Process:  Both undergraduate and graduate student awards and bonus payments are sent via memo directly to the Payroll Manager for processing through Payroll.  They can be "grossed up.  "All student awards and/or bonus payments (all considered "awards") are charged to sub account 4034 using the AWC earnings code.  Students receiving awards who are not already employed by the University must have an "award position" set up for them.  The award is then processed using the AWC earnings code.  Students who are already employed will simply receive the award on their regular position using the AWC earnings code - no "award position" needs to be set up for already employed students.  Individuals with budget unit authority on the budget code to be charged are the only authorizing signatures currently required.

Generally, no manual checks will be issued.  However, in some limited situations, these awards may be issued as manual checks, and then recouped on the next available payroll.  The Payroll Manager must approve all exceptions to the general rule - in advance.  A $50 charge may apply.