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Office of Finance

Certificate in University Financial Management

The Office of Finance has designed a multi-section training program that focuses on the business practices needed by budget units. It is a series of classes designed to familiarize the campus community with the different aspects of the Office of Finance. The intent of these classes is to ensure that employees have as much understanding of our complex system as possible. There are seven (7) required sessions with a review session offered to help employees prepare for the exam.

Please note that you must attend all sessions before you may take the Capstone review and sit for the exam.  Classes taken more than two years before the exam date must be retaken.

Employees may begin participating in the program any time during the year. All classes, including the review session and exam, are offered twice yearly.  Participants who complete all required courses and pass the exam are awarded a Certificate in University Financial Management.  Although class attendance information may be available in the Knowledge Center, official records are kept by Kathie Parker.

Please call Kathie Parker, Communications and Training Coordinator in the Office of Finance at 683-3267 for more information.


  • Registration is done using the Department of Human Resources' Learning Management System (LMS) tool through Old Dominion University's Knowledge Center.   

  • BEFORE YOU CAN REGISTER FOR CLASSES (required only once) - In order to use the ODU Knowledge Center web site, you must be a State employee and will need to first self-register.  Contact odukc@odu.edu for assistance.  You do not need to register if you are already registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia Knowledge Center.

  • Classified employees are required to obtain supervisory permission prior to completing registration.

  • REGISTERING - Once you log into the ODU Knowledge Center, select Learning Center and then Course Catalog.  Then find the specific class (Key Word Search - ODU-CUFM 2014-2 - "Exact phrase"). 

  • Once you register for a course, you will receive an automatically-generated e-mail.  If you experience problems with the ODU Knowledge Center, please contact odukc@odu.edu or telephone one of the administrators (Ray Gata, 757-683-5139; Thasheena Cutno, 757-683-3082).

  • Click here to access the ODU Knowledge Center URL.

  • A few days prior to class, Kathie Parker will send a reminder e-mail with final reminders.

Click here to access the course schedule.

NOTE REGARDING TRAINING MATERIALS - Training materials are updated prior to each class session. Before printing training materials for a session, be sure that the date on the link to the training materials shows a revised date.

Course Offerings
A Guide to the Budget Process
Budget Management and Financial Reporting
Dealing With Payments  (Cashiering)
Accounts Payable: Travel
 Procurement/Payment for Goods/Services
Employing Students
Certification Exam