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Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting ODU Police

What is the University's main telephone number?

The Campus Switchboard number is 757-683-3000. The switchboard operates from 8AM to 5PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and is closed on weekends and holidays.

What is the telephone number of the Old Dominion University Police Department?

The Police Department can be reached 24 hours a day, everyday, by calling 757-683-4000 (3-4000 from a campus phone)

What is the telephone number to the Police Department's Detective Division?

To reach the Detective Division, call 757-683-3492. The Detective Division offices are located at 4516 Monarch Way Norfolk, VA 23508.

What is the telephone number for the City of Norfolk Police, Fire and Paramedical Service?

In case of emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency assistance, call the Norfolk Police Department at 757-441-5610

What is the telephone number for the SAFE RIDE and Escort Service?

The SAFE RIDE and Escort Service can be reached by calling 683-3477 (3-3477 from a campus phone) between the hours of 5:30PM and 2:30AM daily.  For more information, visit the Student Escort Service page on our web site.

How do I report a crime or suspicious activity on campus?

To report a crime, suspicious activity or an emergency, call 683-4000 (3-4000 from a campus phone) or pick up the receiver on one of the red emergency telephones located in the hallways of campus buildings. When you call, give the Dispatcher your name, your location, the nature of your call, where the incident occurred, and any descriptive information you observed about individuals or vehicles involved in the incident. You may also make an anonymous report by completing our Silent Witness Form.

What is the purpose and locations of the Campus Call Boxes?

The call boxes can be used to request assistance, report an emergency, or to report suspicious activity. Call boxes can be found at the following locations on the campus and in the surrounding communities:

    Call Box Locations: 

  • Village 100
  • Village 200
  • Village 300
  • Village 400
  • Village 500
  • Village 600
  • Village 700
  • Village 800
  • Village 900
  • Village 1000
  • Village Lot 1
  • Village Lot 2
  • Village Lot 3
  • Monarch Way 1
  • Monarch Way 2
  • Rogers Hall - Entrance
  • Rogers East - Entrance
  • Gresham Hall - Entrance
  • Gresham East - Entrance
  • Nusbaum Apartments - 48th Street
  • Nusbaum Apartments - 49th Street
  • Ireland House
  • Ireland House - Back Door
  • Ireland House - Blue Strobe
  • Ireland House - Maglev
  • Virginia House - Front Door
  • Virginia House - Back Door
  • Virignia House - Blue Strobe
  • Scotland House - Front Door
  • Scotland House - Back Door
  • England House - Front Door
  • England House - Back Door
  • France House - Front Door
  • France House - Back Door
  • Dominion House - Front Door
  • Dominion House - Back Door
  • Whitehurst Hall - Front Door
  • Monarch House
  • Spong Hall