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In the event of inclement weather (hurricane, snow, ice, etc.) how do I find out if the University will be open or closed?

First, please do not call the ODU Police Department for this information. The Department does not make decisions as to whether the University will be closed or not due to inclement weather. Excessive calls for this information tie up emergency phone lines that may be needed during the weather event. The following local media outlets will carry information about delays or closings: television stations WTKR-TV 3, WAVY-TV 10, WVEC-TV 13, and radio stations WHRV-FM 89.5 and WHRO-FM 90.3. If you live in one of the residence halls on campus, you may call the front desk for information on closings.

Can I make a call to an outside number from one of the campus (red) emergency phones?

No. These telephones are for emergency use only. You cannot access an outside line or call off-campus from one. There are pay phones located in buildings throughout the campus which can be used to make telephone calls.

My ATM Card was not returned by one of the ATMs on campus. How can I get it back?

The Department has no way to access the ATMs on campus. You may contact the ATM owner using the information on the ATM itself to report problems with campus ATMs.