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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division carries out 24-hour campus-wide patrol of the buildings, grounds and surrounding area. The officers assigned to patrol respond to all incidents requiring police intervention, taking reports and necessary police action.

Alternative Patrol Methods

The Old Dominion University Police Department strongly supports the concept of Community Oriented Policing, and contributes to this concept by employing bicycle patrol officers as well as officers employing alternative modes of transportation. Bicycle patrol officers are specially trained in bicycle patrol operations and community policing. Their primary purpose is to interact with members of the community on a more personal level, thus increasing the level of cooperation between the citizens in the community and the ODU Police Department.

The ODU Police Department enhances its crime prevention efforts by patrolling areas of the community that are not accessible to other patrol vehicles, such as smaller parking lots, breezeways and walkways between buildings, and areas of terrain too rough for other vehicles. Alternative modes of transportation are designed to increase mobility while giving the officer the opportunity to interact with the public. The alternative modes of transportation currently employed by the ODU Police Department include, in addition to bicycles, GEM cars , golf carts, Segway Personal Transporters, and T3 Personal Mobility Vehicles.