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Community Policing  

The Community Policing Unit is comprised of one lieutenant, two police officers and several Patrol Aides who, in addition to their regularly assigned duties, provide the students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University with information regarding crime prevention techniques and the Community Policing services offered by the Police Department. These officers are also responsible for conducting monthly Lighting Surveys and submitting any deficiencies to Facilities Maintenance personnel for immediate correction.

Safety Lectures and Seminars

Safety lectures and seminars are presented on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the welcoming of new and returning students to reporting criminal activity.

Bicycle Registration

This service is provided free of charge and is available 24 hours a day. Registering your bicycle can reduce the risk of your bicycle being stolen, and greatly increases the chances of your bicycle being recovered if it is stolen. Additionally, bicycle registration is required for any bicycle operated within the Norfolk city limits. For more information about registering your bicycle FREE OF CHARGE, call us for more details.

Security Surveys

Officers conduct these surveys to determine the areas in various buildings that pose the greatest security risk. Officers inventory sensitive equipment and determine the most effective ways to provide physical security for that equipment to prevent its unauthorized removal or theft.

Operation ID

This program is also available free of charge and consists of the owner's identification number being engraved on valuable items (TV's, Stereos, Laptop Computers, etc.) to help prevent theft of those items or to help locate items that may be stolen after being marked.


This program allows officers to interact with residents from their assigned residence halls to address specific problems and concerns that may arise. The program has proven very successful in deterring unwanted criminal and nuisance activity in and around residence halls.

Our crime prevention officers interact with the community and other law enforcement agencies by regularly attending meetings of the Lambert's Point, Larchmont and Highland Park Civic Leagues, the Hampton Roads Crime Prevention Association and the Virginia Crime Prevention Association.

If you would like to obtain crime prevention information or learn more about the Crime Prevention and Community Policing Unit, contact  Officer Cook or Officer Medel at (757) 683-6528 or send an email to  adoptacop@odu.edu