Old Dominion University
Reaffirmation of Accreditation 2002

2000-2002 Self-Study Report
for the Commission on Colleges of the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
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Table of Contents

Section I: Principles and Philosophy of Accreditation

1.1 Institutional Commitment and Responsibilities in the Accreditation Process

1.2 Application of the Criteria

1.3 Separately Accredited Units

1.4 Conditions of Eligibility

1.5 Initial Membership

1.6 Representation of Status
Section II: Institutional Purpose

2 Institutional Purpose
Section III: Institutional Effectiveness

3.1 Planning and Evaluation: Educational Programs

3.2 Planning and Evaluation: Administrative and Educational Support Services

3.3 Institutional Research
Section IV: Educational Program

4.1 General Requirements of the Educational Program

4.2 Undergraduate Program

         4.2.1 Undergraduate Admission

         4.2.2 Undergraduate Completion Requirements

         4.2.3 Undergraduate Curriculum

         4.2.4 Undergraduate Instruction

         4.2.5 Academic Advising of Undergraduate Students

4.3 Graduate Program

         4.3.1 Initiation, Operation and Expansion of Graduate Programs

         4.3.2 Graduate Admission

         4.3.3Graduate Completion Requirements

         4.3.4 Graduate Curriculum

         4.3.5 Graduate Instruction

         4.3.6 Academic Advising of Graduate Students

4.4 Publications

4.5 Distance Learning Programs

4.6 Continuing Education, Outreach and Service Programs

4.7 Student Records

4.8 Faculty

         4.8.1 Selection of Faculty

         4.8.2 Academic and Professional Preparation




         Distance Learning Programs/Activities

         4.8.3 Part-Time Faculty

         4.8.4 Graduate Teaching Assistants

         4.8.5 Faculty Compensation

         4.8.6 Academic Freedom and Professional Security

         4.8.7 Professional Growth

         4.8.8 The Role of the Faculty and Its Committees

         4.8.9 Faculty Loads

         4.8.10 Criteria and Procedures for Evaluation

4.9 Consortial Relationships and Contractual Agreements

         4.9.1 Consortial Relationships

         4.9.2 Contractual Agreements
Section V: Educational Support Services

5. 1 Library and Other Learning Resources

            5.1.1 Purpose and Scope

            5.1.2 Services

            5.1.3 Library Collections

            5.1.4 Information Technology

            5.1.5 Cooperative Agreements

            5.1.6 Staff

            5.1.7 Library/Learning Resources for Distance Learning

5.2 Instructional Support

5.3 Information Technology Resources and Systems

5.4 Student Development Services

         5.4.1Scope and Accountability

         5.4.2 Resources

      5.4.3 Programs and Services

         Counseling and Career Development

         Student Government, Student Activities and Publications

         Student Behavior

         Residence Halls

         Student Financial Aid

         Health Services

         Intramural Athletics

5.5 Intercollegiate Athletics

         5.5.1 Purpose

         5.5.2 Administrative Oversight

         5.5.3 Financial Control

         5.5.4 Academic Program
Section VI: Administrative Processes

6.1 Organization and Administration

         6.1.1 Descriptive Titles and Terms

         6.1.2 Governing Board

         6.1.3 Advisory Committees

         6.1.4 Official Policies

         6.1.5 Administrative Organization

6.2 Institutional Advancement
         6.2.1 Alumni Affairs

         6.2.2 Fund Raising

6.3 Financial Resources
         6.3.1 Financial Resources

         6.3.2 Organization for the Administration of Financial Resources

         6.3.3 Budget Planning

         6.3.4 Budget Control

         6.3.5 The Relation of an Institution to External Budgetary Control

         6.3.6 Accounting, Reporting and Auditing

         6.3.7 Purchasing and Inventory Control

         6.3.8 Refund Policy

         6.3.9 Cashiering

         6.3.10 Investment Management

         6.3.11 Risk Management and Insurance

         6.3.12 Auxiliary Enterprises

6.4 Physical Resources

         6.4.1 Space Management

         6.4.2 Buildings, Grounds and Equipment Maintenance

         6.4.3 Safety and Security

         6.4.4 Facilities Master Plan

6.5 Externally Funded Grants and Contracts

6.6 Related Corporate Entities
Appendix Master List of Recommendations and Suggestions

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