COMM 369 Research Practicum

Information Sheet and Application


COMM 369 provides an opportunity for advanced students in the major to work closely with a professor on a faculty research project. Interested students should review all of the related requirements and procedures before submitting an application and enrolling in the course. Please note: The Research Practicum is highly esteemed acceptance into the program is competitive and students are expected to put their best foot forward throughout the entire experience.



Open to upper-division students of proven scholastic ability by consent of instructor.

1)      Minimum GPA of 3.25

2)      Completion of core courses and at least 6 hours of upper-level courses in the major

3)      Acceptance into the program by individual faulty member with whom you will work


Application Procedures:

1)      Select a research study you would like to assist from the Call for Research Assistants available on the departmental website:

2)      Fill out the application below and submit it with a:

A) current (unofficial) transcript and

B) one-page resume to the faculty research supervisor

3) Deadline for application is two weeks prior to the start of classes. Students will receive notification of acceptance by the first day of classes. Please plan your registration course load accordingly.



Name Sponsoring Professor__________________________


UIN# Phone# _


Semester/year Applying For E-mail _______________________________


Statement of intention

Please note your interest in the practicum, your interest in working with this particular professor and/or project, and what you hope to gain from the experience [complete below and/or and on back of this form, or submit a separate letter of intent]:

















Student Signature__________________________Date





GPA (min. 3.25)_________Upper-level Credits _______ Core Classes Taken__________________

Approved/Denied (circle one)


Professor Signature______________________________________ Date____________________


Chair Signature_________________________________________ Date____________________