Departmental Requirements
*Must earn grade of C (2.00) or better in all Major courses

Please note in the catalogue any prerequisites for any 300-400 level course. Program Declarations for a Minor in Communication, as well as Certifications for Graduation, should be completed with the department’s Chief Departmental Advisor.

Students declaring a minor in Communication should return to the department the semester prior to graduation to complete the certification process for the minor. Not completing this process may delay graduation.

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A total of 18 credit hours of coursework is needed to earn the Minor in Communication and includes the following:

1.COMM 101R or 103R
2.COMM 200S
3.12 additional hours from any of the following three credit COMM courses:

300 International Sojourning
302 Communication Research Methods I
303 Public Relations in Communication Industries
304 Advanced Public Speaking
312U Small Group Communication
314U Nonverbal Communication
315U Communication Between the Sexes
331 Argumentation and Debate
333 Persuasion
335 Rhetorical Criticism
340 Mass Media and Popular Culture
351U Interpersonal Communication in Organizations
355 Organizational Communication
360 Mass Communication and Social Impact
364 Radio
365 Electronic News
368 Internship
372 Foundations of Electronic Media
400 Intercultural Communication
401 Communication Theory
412U Interpersonal Communication
421 Communication and Conflict Management
425 Communication in Family Systems
431 Advanced Argumentation and Debate
434 African-American Rhetoric – Voices of Liberation
445 Communication Analysis and Criticism
447 Electronic Media: Law and Policy
448 International Media Systems
456 Organizations and Social Influence
465 Mass Media and the National Elections
467 Media, Politics & Civic Engagement
468 Communication and Political Symbolism
470U Film as Communication
471 International Film History
472 New Media Technologies
473U Television and Society
474 Media Business Practices
476 Principles of Advertising and Media Management
477 Media Content Management
479 American Film History
481 The Documentary Tradition
495/496 Topics in Communication
497 Any approved tutorial course in Communication.

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