A program of study designed for professional military officers and others wishing to examine political and military decisions in situations involving the existence or employment of military force.  Its aim is to extend perspectives beyond direct experience through an intensive study of theory, situations, leaders and decisions.  It guides students to create and refine a working concept of strategy and policy and to develop a more informed instinct for making judgments.


1.  Successful completion of 12 graduate credits (four courses), including History 631 and 632, Studies in the History of Strategy and Policy (6 graduate credits), and two approved electives (6 graduate credits).  A list of applicable courses is promulgated for each semester.

2.  All credits toward the certificate must be earned at the university.  Naval War College courses offered through the university apply toward the certificate. If the student has completed the strategy and policy program of the Naval War College elsewhere, either through its resident or off-campus seminar programs, two further approved electives may be substituted.  (NOTE TO MILITARY AND DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CIVILIAN STUDENTS: History 631 and 632 are based on the Naval War college curriculum in Strategy and Policy and may be transferred to the Naval War College toward its diploma.)

3.  One quarter of the credits, or three graduate credits of the required twelve, may be earned outside the Department of History.

4.  Nine graduate credits must be earned in courses numbered 600 or above.  One elective course (three graduate credits) may be at the 500 level.

5.  No more than 6 graduate credits earned in "non-degree" status can be applied toward the certificate.  Upon or before earning these 6 graduate credits, "non-degree" students must apply through one of the three graduate degree programs that awards or incorporates the certificate into its degree.  Certificates are awarded only to students who have attained Regular or Provisional graduate status.  It is understood that students may elect to complete requirements for the certificate only and not pursue a master's degree.

Students apply through one of the following graduate degree programs:

       Master of Arts in History
              Dr. Jane T. Merritt, Director (757-683-3949)
       Master of Arts in International Studies
              Graduate Programs in International Studies (757-683-5700)
       Master of Arts in Humanities
              Dr. Dana Heller, Director (757-683-3821)

6.  Certificates are awarded only to students who have maintained a B (3.00) average upon completion of course requirements for the certificate.

7.  The certificate must be earned within six years.  Students unable to comply due to military duty requirements or similar reasons may request a waiver.

8.  Courses earned toward one certificate may not be used toward another certificate but do apply toward the three applicable master of arts degrees.

For further information, contact:

Willard C. Frank, Jr., Ph.D.
Coordinator for Strategy and Policy
Department of History
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529-0091


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