ENGLISH GRAMMAR: PATTERNS AND CHOICES is a book in progress. It is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate university courses in English grammar for future teachers. The book is grounded in Functional Linguistics (British Systemic Grammar in particular) but, where possible, uses terminology that has grown out of the tradition of grammar teaching in the United States of America. Please read the Preface for more information on the book's purpose and organization.

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 English Grammar:
Patterns and Choices

[Version of January 1, 2005]

John P. Broderick, Ph.D.
University Professor of English  and Applied Linguistics
Old Dominion University


(Links to complete Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the front matter, including the Preface, Chapters 1 through 8, the Glossary, the Bibliography, the Index (a list of abbreviations), and an Appendix of handouts, are contained in the table of Contents below.  The latter chapters are in various stages of completion.   Send me an e-mail message [jpbroder@odu.edu] if you are interested in learning how you can receive either electronic versions of these chapters, or a plastic-ring-bound hard copy of the entire manuscript in its current state of completion.  Be sure to specify that you are interested in English Grammar: Patterns and Choices.)

Table of Contents

Preface  v                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Chapter 1: Language Structure: An Overview  1


Pronunciation / Spelling                                                                                                                                          

Word Formation                                                                                                                                                         


Discourse Structure


Chapter 2: Basic Grammatical Concepts  9


Parts of Speech: Form, Function, and Meaning

Constituent Structure

English Grammar: Patterns and Choices


Chapter 3: Parts of Speech in English Phrases  23


Noun Phrases and Prepositional Phrases

Verb Phrases and Linking Verb Phrases

Adjective and Adverb Phrases


Chapter 4: Declarative Clauses and Verbal Clauses  78


Declarative Clauses

-ing Participle Clauses

-en Participle Clauses

Infinitive Clauses

Analytical Strategies and Summary Grammar


Chapter 5: Interrogative and Imperative Clauses  117


Yes/no Interrogative Clauses

Wh Interrogative Clauses

Tag Interrogative Clauses

Imperative Clauses


Chapter 6: Subordination  130


Subordinate Declarative Clauses

Subordinate yes/no Interrogative Clauses

Subordinate wh Interrogative Clauses

Relative Clauses

Nominal Relative Clauses

Adverbial Clauses


Chapter 7: Coordination  143  


Coordinated Clauses

Coordinated Phrases

Coordinated Words

Coordinated Word Strings

Coordination with Correlative Conjunctions


Chapter 8: Grammar as Discovery  152


More on Premodification in the Noun Phrase



Comparative Constructions

Sentence Complements


Glossary  170


Bibliography  185


Index  189


Appendix  193