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Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments
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The Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis began as a collaboration of the College of Arts & Letters and the College of Sciences at Old Dominion University supported by NASA. The laboratory links social and earth sciences with state-of-the-art tools in remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and spatial analysis technology.  The lab has expanded its focus to include geospatial technologies including remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and spatial analysis. The laboratory offers a Certificate in Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments (SpACE) that builds upon a foundation of interdisciplinary coursework in remote sensing, GIS, and coastal landscape ecology.

MISSION: The mission of LaRSEA is to foster remote sensing societal benefits from geospatial technologies through education and applied research. It provides a formal educational curriculum linking geography and oceanography for students in the field of spatial analysis, remote sensing, and GIS for coastal systems for students and  professionals. 

Getting the "Birds-Eye View" of the Environment and Society

NASA  funded the Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis  for instruction and research utilizing the information-gathering resources of satellites and aerial remote sensing technology. This high-technology area remains  one of the fastest growing segments of computer-applications industry. Funding for the lab includes support from NASA, Old Dominion University, and collaborating institutions.

The geographic perspective on environmental, social, and economic problems will soon be available to Old Dominion students through "Eyes in the sky" and high-tech mapping and analysis technology. Students will learn state-of-the-art technology in satellite imagery and its interpretation for solving environmental problems such as pollution prevention, environmentally-friendly development, sustainable agriculture, prevention and response to natural disasters, deforestation, and sea level rise. 

The lab contains several computers and state-of-the-art software for image analysis and mapping using geographic information systems (GIS.) Selected input and output devices include a global positioning system (GPS) receivers, digitizer, large-format color plotter, and high-end color printers. 

The need for graduates educated in geography and social sciences, planning, environmental problems, and modern geographic tools continues to grow rapidly. Students wishing to emphasize this area of study can pursue a GIS-intensive track in the geography major, a geography minor with GIS coursework, or a Certificate in Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments offered jointly with the Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences.  The laboratory is also engaged in research and instruction Geographic Information Science (GISci) applications in environmental health, land use/land cover change, and sea level rise.

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