The Performance Emphasis is intended for students who wish to pursue performance as a career. Students will be admitted to the performance concentration through an audition and interview process administered by the faculty each Fall. No student is guaranteed admittance or continuance in the performance concentration. Students may decide at any time to return to the general theatre concentration.

Students must pass a proficiency audition administered by the faculty every spring. Students must abide by the theatre student handbook regulations for the Performance Concentration.

Theatre Concentration - Performance Emphasis:

THEATRE 173+ Theatre Activities
THEATRE 174+ Theatre Activities
THEATRE 152 Acting I
THEATTRE 225 Introduction to Production Technology
THEATRE 230 Drama for Production
(meets oral communication requirement)
THEATRE 252 Acting II
THEATRE 320 Audition Technique
THEATRE 343 Theatre History I
THEATRE 344 Theatre History II
THEATRE 347 Movement
THEATRE 360 Voice for the Stage
THEATRE 442 Principles of Directing
THEATRE 449W Script and Performance Analysis
THEATRE ACTIVITIES 2 hours required and must be earned through on stage production participation
A miniumum of 10 credit hours of electives must be earned to complete this concentration within the Theatre Arts major.
A minimum of 18 credit hours must be earned at the 300-400 level in the major.