Ad Studio Delivers The (Creative) Goods

By Steve Daniel

In just a short time, DREW UNGVARSKY ’02 has transformed the Norfolk-based company he founded in 2003, Grow Interactive, into one of the country’s top interactive advertising studios.

With its hallmarks of creativity and service, Grow has produced an array of award-winning strategies and campaigns for a variety of digital platforms – from websites and online ads to viral marketing and social networking. Along the way, Ungvarsky and his now-17-member team have earned the highest reputation among a growing number of clients for their strategy, design, technology and animation – a list that includes HP, K-Y, Intel and the Virginia Tourism Corp.

According to the national advertising and design website Creativity, “Grow Interactive has proved to be the most exciting thing in digital south of the Mason-Dixon line.”

“I always liked computers growing up, but it was in high school when I started coming into different types of programming that I realized it was my ‘thing,’” Ungvarsky said. “I looked at several programs within the state and heard good things about ODU’s computer science program. Receiving the Governor’s Technology Scholarship sealed the deal.”

He started out in the business as a freelancer, but the quality of his work soon spread by word of mouth. “I didn’t set out to start a company. I found something I was good at and had a passion for, and the rest came behind that.”

While he admits discovering “there was a lot more to running a business than being good at the trade,” things have all come together, as evidenced by Grow’s many awards.

As Ungvarsky noted in a 2009 Virginian-Pilot story, “We wanted to be the biggest fish in this pond and to swim with the biggest fish in the national pond, and that worked. We’re doing both of those things.”

To get an appreciation for the company’s work, check out Grow’s own “Thank You Begins With a T” promotion – winner of a Cannes Cyber Lion award – at