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Welcome to the Office of Enrollment Management

"Working Together to Enhance a Quality University"

Old Dominion University has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our enrollment has increased, we have new academic programs, the campus has been transformed, there are new athletic programs and the Marching Band, and ODU is fast becoming a residential campus. Now is precisely the time when planning for the future is most important. 

We have been tasked by President Broderick to develop a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan to document the history and context of enrollment at Old Dominion and to develop a comprehensive approach to integrate all of the University's programs, practices, policies, and planning to achieve optimal future enrollment and growth. The completed enrollment management plan will be shared with the entire campus in paper form and electronically, and will clearly outline the direction for the future of the university. The plan will establish institutional priorities and provide the basis on which to make decisions for the future of the university.

This initiative is a campus wide effort. Fourteen committees have been formed and all committees have representation from faculty, staff, and students.

This is an exciting initiative for Old Dominion University and we hope that you will consider this initiative as an opportunity to work together to enhance our quality university!