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Academic Organization

Colleges and Departments of Instruction

Departments are the basic organizational units of the faculty. In addition, the faculty is organized by colleges. Each college has adopted bylaws that provide a statement of purpose and function and an appropriate committee structure.

           The dean is the chief administrative officer of a given college, and is responsible to the provost and vice president for academic affairs for the operation and development of that college. The dean is appointed by the Board of Visitors on the recommendation of the provost and vice president for academic affairs and the president.

           Each department is administered by a chair. The chair is appointed by the dean of his or her college according to procedures that involve appropriate faculty consultation.

           Graduate program directors are appointed by the department chair with the approval of the dean of the college and reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

           The colleges and departments of the university are as follows:


College of Arts and Letters

The College of Arts and Letters comprises the departments of Art, Communication and Theatre Arts, English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Music, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science and Geography, Sociology and Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies. The college also administers the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, International Studies at the undergraduate level (BAIS) and graduate level (GPIS), the Institute of Humanities, the Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, the Institute of Asian Studies, the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs, the Institute for the Advancement of Community Justice, the Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding, the University Art Gallery, the Center for Family Violence Education and Research, the Social Science Research Center, the Filipino American Center, the Community Dance Program, Writing Tutorial Services, and the Old Dominion University Community Music Academy. The college also offers the F. Ludwig Diehn Concert Series and the Annual Literary Festival.

           In addition, the college offers M.A. degrees in Applied Linguistics, Applied Sociology, English, History, Humanities, International Studies, and Lifespan and Digital Communication, the M.F.A. in Creative Writing, and Ph.D. degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice, English and International Studies.


College of Business and Public Administration

The College of Business and Public Administration comprises the departments of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Technology and Decision Sciences, Management, Marketing, and Urban Studies and Public Administration. It also provides an academic base for the Department of Military Science and Leadership. The college administers the Ph.D. in Business Administration and Public Administration and Urban Policy and master's degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and Public Administration. In addition, the college offers a joint master's degree program in Computer Information Sciences with the Computer Science Department.

           The college also administers the following centers and institutes: Center for Asian Business, Center for Economic Education, Executive Development Center, Insurance and Financial Services Center, Maritime Institute, Regional Studies Institute, and the E.V. Williams Center for Real Estate and Economic Development.


Darden College of Education

The Darden College of Education comprises the departments of Communication Disorders and Special Education, Counseling and Human Services, Educational Foundations and Leadership, Human Movement Sciences, STEM Education and Professional Studies, and Teaching and Learning. The college offers master's degrees in 13 disciplinary areas, the Education Specialist degree in Counseling and Education Leadership, and the Ph.D. degree in Community College Leadership, Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Human Movement Science, Instructional Design and Technology, Literacy Leadership, Occupational and Technical Studies, and Special Education.

           In addition, the college administers Teacher Education Services, Programs for Continued Learning, the Center for Educational Partnerships, the Child Study Center, the Child Development Center, the Speech and Hearing Clinic, the Military Career Transition Program, Virginia Troops to Teachers, Virginia Department of Education Career Switcher Program, and Field-Based Graduate Programs for Teachers and School Administrators.


Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology

The Batten College of Engineering and Technology comprises the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, Engineering Technology, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering, and the Engineering Fundamentals Division. It also provides an organizational home for the Department of Naval Science. The college offers master's degrees in 10 disciplinary areas, the Doctor of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Modeling and Simulation, and the Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, and Modeling and Simulation.

           In addition, the college administers the following enterprise centers and departmental institutes: Applied Research Center, National Center for System of Systems Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Lean Institute, Laser and Plasma Engineering Institute, Ship Maintenance, Repair and Operations, Institute for Multidisciplinary Parallel and Vector Computations, Institute for Sustainable Development, Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology, and Transportation Research Institute. Affiliated centers are the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics, and Old Dominion University Business Gateway.


College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences comprises the schools of Community and Environmental Health, Gene W. Hirschfeld Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, Nursing, and Physical Therapy. The college offers master's degrees in Community Health, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, and Public Health, the Doctor of Nursing Practice, the Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the Ph.D. in Health Services Research. It also offers a joint undergraduate Ophthalmic Technology program and graduate programs in public health with the Eastern Virginia Medical School. The college administers the Dental Hygiene Research Center and professional continuing education programs; the Molecular and Clinical Diagnostic Facility; the Center for Brain Research and Rehabilitation; and the Environmental, Public Health Research Laboratory.


College of Sciences

The College of Sciences includes the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Physics, and Psychology. All departments in the college offer one or more Ph.D. programs. In particular, the college offers the Ph.D. degree in Applied Experimental Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Computational and Applied Mathematics (Applied Mathematics option and Statistics and Biostatistics option), Computer Science, Ecological Sciences, Human Factors Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Oceanography, and Physics. The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree is offered through the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. The college offers the Master of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Ocean and Earth Sciences, Physics, and Psychology. Also, the college has a joint BS-MD program with Eastern Virginia Medical School.

           In addition, the college has the following centers: Center for Accelerator Science, Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, Center for Computational Science, Center for Molecular Medicine, Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology, the Mathematics/Sciences Resource Center, and the Pretlow Planetarium.


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