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University Governance

  1. The university governance system consists of two major representative bodies, the Faculty Senate and the Student Senate.
    1. The Faculty Senate is a governance body representing the faculty of the university and is constituted as provided in the Faculty Senate's Constitution and Bylaws. The faculty of the university, by virtue of their particular competence, are essential participants in the development and implementation of academic policy. The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty. As such, it shall exercise the authority of the faculty with respect to policy on academic matters and the professional affairs of faculty.

    2. The Student Senate is a governance body representing the students of the university and is constituted as provided in the Student Senate's Constitution. As the representative body of the students, the Student Senate shall promote and advise the administration on the development of student-related programs and services and may make recommendations to the Board of Visitors, the president and other administrative officers on student-related matters.

- Approved by the Board of Visitors
August 9, 1979
Revised June 19, 1986

The Faculty Senate will be afforded the opportunity to make timely comment upon policy matters that directly relate to the traditional responsibilities of faculty, for example, issues related to curriculum and academic standards, etc.

- Approved by the president
July 28, 1997

Consultative and Deliberative Bodies

In addition to the two major bodies, several other bodies function in an advisory manner to the president and other administrators, faculty and student leaders, and the major governance bodies themselves. The additional bodies include the following:

  • The Provost's Council, which assists the provost and vice president for academic affairs in the development of policies, procedures, and future directions in academic programming.

  • The Faculty Forum, which includes all members of the faculty under full-time teaching and research contracts and all professional librarians at Old Dominion University.

  • The Student Forum, which includes all students enrolled in the university.

           All consultative and deliberative bodies serve in an advisory capacity to the president. The president is an ex official member of all such bodies.

           The constitution and bylaws of the Faculty Senate are contained in the appendix of this handbook.


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