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Guidelines for Selection of Named Professorships

  1. Statement of Purpose and Expectations
    The purpose of the award of a named professorship is to recognize and provide support to an Old Dominion University faculty member who has exhibited sustained excellence in teaching and/or research as well as a continuing, exemplary commitment to the university.

               The recipient will fill the requirements of the described professorship and serve as a model of professional accomplishment and commitment to the mission of the university.

               The recipient must hold a full-time faculty or senior research appointment at Old Dominion University.

  2. Selection Procedures
    The selection and appointment procedures will be as follows.

    1. The candidate will be recommended by the department's Promotion and Tenure Committee.

    2. The college dean will forward the nomination and his/her recommendation to the provost and vice president for academic affairs along with:
      1. A letter stating the rationale for the nomination and addressing the criteria for the named professorship.

      2. The nominee's curriculum vitae.

      3. A narrative description of the nominee's record of accomplishments meriting the appointment.

      4. A statement of the perceived relation of the appointment to achieving the university's mission and goals and strategic plan.

      5. A brief statement of the nominee's interests, the future direction of his/her pursuits, and perceived benefits to the university, college and department/school.

      6. The dean should provide an indication of the expected financial commitment.

    3. The provost and vice president for academic affairs will consult the Named Chair Committee and recommend to the president who will make a recommendation to the Board of Visitors for final approval of the appointment.

- Approved by the Board of Visitors
June 15, 2004

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