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Emeritus/Emerita Appointments

  1. The title "emeritus/emerita" shall be granted only by the Board of Visitors. The title of emeritus/emerita is granted in recognition of dedicated and meritorious service at Old Dominion University and entitles its holders to commensurate rights and privileges.

  2. Eligibility for the titles of professor emeritus/emerita and associate professor emeritus/emerita shall be limited to full-time tenured faculty upon their retirement.

  3. Administrative officers who hold faculty rank and tenure, except for the president, may be named "emeritus/emerita" upon retirement. The Board of Visitors may in its discretion award the title of "president emeritus/emerita" to a former president upon his or her retirement from the university or departure from the position. The president emeritus/emerita may, with the approval of the Board of Visitors, continue to serve the university after retirement or departure from the position. Responsibilities of the president emeritus/emerita may include teaching and consulting as well as activities that carry forward the name and reputation of the university.

  4. To be eligible for an emeritus/emerita appointment, a faculty member shall be recommended by his or her chair and approved by the dean, provost and vice president for academic affairs, and president, or the process may begin with the recommendation of the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

  5. Should a qualifying faculty member die before actual retirement, his or her chair may recommend him or her for posthumous emeritus/emerita recognition.

  6. Each person receiving the title of emeritus/emerita will receive appropriate recognition from the university.

  7. Emeritus/emerita appointments carry the following lifetime privileges, an updated list of which will be sent annually by the Office of Academic Affairs to every emeritus/emerita faculty member.
    1. Use of the library as a faculty member.

    2. Attendance at faculty meetings (non-voting), at receptions, and at academic processions, including Commencement.

    3. The same tuition rates for spouses and dependent children enrolled in the university as are provided for active faculty.

    4. Listing in all university publications on the same basis as active faculty.

    5. Receipt of all university informational bulletins that are circulated to active faculty.

    6. Attendance at lectures, concerts, athletic events, banquets, etc., and use of university facilities, including parking lots, on the same basis as active faculty.

    7. Office and laboratory space, or library study space, as available and on a temporary basis, but priority will be given to active faculty, staff and students when space is limited.

 - Adopted by the Board of Visitors
September 28, 1972
Revised August 30, 1990
Revised April 12, 2002
Revised April 7, 2006
Revised June 13, 2008
Revised April 8, 2010

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