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Faculty Administrator Performance Appraisal


  1. The appraisal of faculty administrators' performance through a consistent, well defined, and documented process is required.

  2. Performance appraisal at Old Dominion University is intended to:
    1. improve understanding of unit or departmental and university goals and objectives

    2. identify and reward competence

    3. identify and correct deficiencies

    4. promote professional development

    5. increase administrative accountability, and

    6. provide information needed for personnel decisions and actions.

  3. Because of the diversity of individual faculty administrators' position responsibilities, other appropriate methods of performance appraisal may be used; however, all alternative faculty administrator performance appraisal processes must address the guidelines stated in this document. In addition, all alternative performance appraisal processes must be reviewed by and must be registered with the director of human resources prior to being used. Questions concerning alternative appraisal processes may be addressed to the director of human resources.

  4. Performance planning or objective setting should occur at the beginning of the performance review period. For newly hired faculty administrators, objectives should be determined shortly after employment. Objective setting should be a cooperative effort between the supervisor and the administrator and be based on the responsibilities noted on the position description. The supervisor may weigh the objectives based on relative importance.

  5. For many of the university's faculty administrators the performance review period will be from May through April in order to align with the salary increment determination process. However, other departments (for reasons such as promotion review) may establish alternative evaluation periods. The performance review period should encompass a twelve-month time period (or as close to that time period as possible). Performance review periods other than May through April should be reported to the director of human resources. Periodic communication regarding accomplishments and deficiencies should be provided during the performance review period as well.

  6. The evaluation aspect of the appraisal process should assess an individual's level of performance adequacy. For faculty administrators who have work unit or departmental accountability, the evaluation should also emphasize the overall unit accomplishments. All administrators' performance appraisal processes must include an evaluation of customer/public relations and affirmative action/ equal employment opportunity.

  7. A self-evaluation component of the evaluation process is highly recommended. Faculty administrators should prepare a self-assessment and present it orally or in writing to the immediate supervisor preceding the annual evaluation conference. The administrator's self-evaluation will assist the supervisor in establishing the performance rating. Additional performance-related information may be obtained from individuals who worked with the faculty administrator or are supervised by the administrator being reviewed.

  8. The supervisor will conduct a performance appraisal conference with the faculty administrator. The purpose of this conference is to promote exchanges of ideas, perceptions, and relevant information.

  9. The results of the performance evaluation conference will be documented and signed by the supervisor and/or budget unit director as appropriate. The administrator being evaluated will also sign the document. The documentation should be forwarded confidentially to the Department of Human Resources. The written report will identify significant achievements, concerns, directions and issues related to the past performance and future development of the administrator. The faculty administrator being reviewed may attach comments concerning the documented evaluation.

NOTE: A sample faculty administrator performance appraisal process may be obtained from the Department of Human Resources.

 - Approved by the president
December 1, 1988


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