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Compensation and Human Resources Administration Plan for Administrative and Professional Faculty

  1. Objective:
    Old Dominion University is committed to using effective compensation and human resources administration policies and practices in managing administrative and professional faculty positions. Starting salaries for administrative and professional faculty will be determined by an analysis of market salaries for similar positions and the internal value to the university. Subsequent salary increments will be based primarily on performance contributions of the individual; however, the market and internal worth of the job will continue to be reviewed for possible adjustment.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Compensation Management
      1. Each year, the Department of Human Resources will obtain compensation data from the College and University Personnel Association's (CUPA's) Administrative Salary Survey. The data will reflect median salaries at the university's peer group institutions for all positions surveyed.

      2. Periodically, the Department of Human Resources will prepare an analysis comparing university positions to relevant CUPA-survey positions. Significant deviation from median salary averages which may suggest needed adjustments will be noted.

      3. An internal analysis for all university administrative and professional faculty positions will supplement the CUPA data. University positions not included in the CUPA survey will be compared to similar university positions or supervisory positions for which there are data in order to gauge market value.

    2. Position Descriptions
      1. Each administrative and professional faculty position will have a position description which will enable Human Resources staff to confirm the position meets the qualifications for one of the two classifications specified in Board of Visitors Policy #1490, Administrative and Professional Faculty.

      2. Positions not meeting the criteria will not be assigned the administrative or professional faculty designation in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Visitors in Policy #1490.

    3. Performance Appraisal
      A performance appraisal program will be used to assess each administrative and professional faculty member's performance level on an annual basis. The evaluation will be based on documented position description tasks and mutually agreed-upon performance standards. The evaluation component will be a basis for salary increments for faculty administrators.
  3. Responsibility:
    The university's director of human resources is responsible for ensuring that administrative and professional faculty positions meet the established criteria and that this plan is administered effectively.
- Adopted by the Board of Visitors
December 13, 1988
Revised September 9, 2005

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