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Statement on Freedom of Expression

Old Dominion University will at all times defend the right of free expression, including the right of free assembly.

           The right will be protected in behalf of all persons associated with the academic community - students, faculty, administration, and official guests. No action by an individual or a group which seeks to restrict the exercise of these rights by any other individual or group on this campus will be tolerated.

           Old Dominion University will not condone or allow any unauthorized occupation of university facilities, nor will it permit any interference with its normal and regular activities.

           No discussion of any issue will be carried on or be conducted under any form of duress, nor will attempts to intimidate, frighten, or otherwise promote by force be tolerated.

           Any attempt by individuals or a group to intimidate or otherwise force demands of any kind by occupation of buildings, or interference with the business and purpose of the university, will be dealt with by sufficient means to relieve the situation.

 - Adopted by the Board of Visitors
August 27, 1970


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