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Compensation for Distance Learning Development and Instruction

  1. Online Course Development

               For the development of an online course (as defined and agreed upon by Academic Affairs, the Office of Distance Learning and the college department) full-time and part-time faculty will be provided one course release, equivalent to $4,500 (in some instances, if release time is not possible, a stipend of $4,500 is paid directly to the faculty developer). 

  2. Online Course Revision

               Faculty incentive for the revision of asynchronous courses will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Instructional Assistance

               At the start of each academic year, Distance Learning transfers funds to each college in support of the cost of instructional assistance for faculty teaching at a distance, particularly those with high enrollment courses. The total amount transferred is based on the previous year's registrations per course offering at a distance. For courses with 40 to 100 registrations, $2,500 is provided. For courses with over 100 students, $5,000 is provided. Once the funds are transferred, the colleges decide the assistance allocations for the fall, spring, and/or summer sessions. A half-time graduate assistant (10 hours per week) should be provided by the college during the semester the instructor teaches a course at a distance with enrollment between 60 and 100 students. If the course enrollment exceeds 100 students, a full-time graduate student should be provided by the college. While flexibility exists within the college to determine allocations, the purpose of the funding is to provide teaching assistants for the faculty teaching these courses so that individual student interaction and course quality can remain high.

  4. Instruction

               Teaching high enrollment distance learning courses, irrespective of delivery mode, can be demanding for faculty. While faculty are becoming increasingly comfortable working with distance students using a variety of technologies, additional compensation is authorized for faculty who provide instruction for high enrollment distance learning courses.

    During the fall and spring semesters, the normal enrollment for a distance learning course is defined as up to 60 students. The student enrollment count will be taken from Banner, the University's student record management system. In fall and spring semesters where course enrollment exceeds 60 students, faculty will be compensated at the rate of $25 for each student over the 60-enrollment standard, unless the department has provided the instructor with an additional workload reduction for the course. All faculty, regardless of additional workload reductions, will be compensated at the rate of $25 per student for each enrollment over 120 students. In general, technology-based course enrollment above 120 students should result in a new course section being added.

    All faculty will receive three hours of release time to prepare a course for its first offering at a distance. The release time should be granted the semester prior to the course's first enrolled offering. During the summer session, the workload standard for distance learning courses is the same as that used in fall and spring semester courses. For the first 60 enrolled students, compensation will be based on established summer session teach load rates. For 61 to 80 students, faculty will receive an additional 33.3% of the summer session rate for the course; for 81-100 students, faculty will receive an additional 66.6% of the summer session rate for the course; and, for 101 to 120 students, faculty will receive double the compensation for the summer session course.

    College deans will be responsible for validating faculty workload for distance learning courses for which any additional compensation is provided. The Office of Distance Learning will fund the additional payments to faculty calculated on the basis of 60 course enrollments. Both full-time and part-time faculty teaching high enrollment distance learning courses are eligible.

  5. Supplement for Adjuncts Teaching at a Distance

               Adjunct faculty teaching distance learning courses will be paid a supplement of $1,000 per three-credit hour course offering each time the adjunct teaches a course at a distance, irrespective of delivery mode and enrollment levels. This applies to multiple section offerings of the same course. In addition, adjunct faculty teaching a course at a distance for the first time will be paid $1,000.

    Basic adjunct pay scales (which may otherwise vary by rank and college) will not be affected. Adjunct payroll forms will list the supplements separately from the basic rate. Any other incentives - such as extra pay per student or access to a teaching assistant - will remain in effect.

 - Approved by the provost and vice president for academic affairs
July 1, 2010

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