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Outside Employment Policy for Administrative and Professional Faculty

(Board of Visitors Policy, #1494)

Statement: This policy recognizes the necessity of providing some opportunities for approved outside employment by administrative and professional faculty (AP faculty) but focuses on the need to devote attention and energy of such persons to the important work of the University. The intention of this policy is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between an AP faculty member’s outside employment activities and the job for which he or she is being employed at the University. Board of Visitors Policy 1421 on Outside Employment does not apply to AP faculty. AP faculty members participating in outside employment are to adhere to the following set of guidelines:

  1. An AP faculty member’s primary responsibility is to the University; however, there are occasions when AP faculty may engage in outside employment.

  2. Outside employment means work for any non-University entity whether or not such work is performed on campus, and includes self-employment.

  3. AP faculty may not engage in any other employment during the hours for which they are employed by Old Dominion University.

  4. An AP faculty member may not engage in other employment outside his or her Old Dominion University work hours if such employment is deemed to affect the AP faculty member’s work performance or is determined to be in violation of the Old Dominion University Conflict of Interest Policy, Code of Ethics or the Virginia Conflict of Interests Act.

  5. No property or resources belonging to or under contract to the Commonwealth or University may be used for outside employment activities.

  6. When authorized outside employment occurs during normal working hours for the University, annual, personal or recognition leave shall be submitted and charged for time away from normally scheduled duties.

  7. AP faculty are responsible for obtaining supervisory approval for outside employment before the work begins. Written documentation that describes the nature of the outside employment, the duration of the outside employment, and when the outside employment will be performed must be submitted for approval to the supervisor and the vice president responsible for that area of University activity. The Old Dominion University Approval for Outside Employment Form must be used for this purpose. Approval must be renewed annually, if applicable.

  8. The approved documentation must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources for filing in the employee’s personnel file, with a copy kept on file in the individual's unit.

Failure to comply with this University policy and guidelines may lead to disciplinary actions.

 - Approved by the Board of Visitors
June 1, 2013


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