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Graduate Assistantship Grievance Procedure

Should a graduate assistant believe that his/her assigned duties and/or the workload required to fulfill these duties do not conform to university graduate catalog policies, he/she should first attempt to reconcile the grievance with his/her academic/nonacademic immediate supervisor. If the grievance is not resolved, the graduate assistant will ask his/her graduate program director (GPD) to mediate the grievance between him/her and the immediate supervisor. If the GPD is the student's immediate supervisor, the chair/dean's designee will attempt to mediate. If the chair is the student's supervisor, the GPD shall refer the case directly to the dean or the dean's designee. If this course of action does not resolve the grievance, the GPD/chair/dean's designee will seek mediation with the supervisor of the student's immediate supervisor. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the chair/dean's designee will appoint an ad hoc committee comprised of two senior faculty members from the student's department and one senior faculty member from another department. If the student's assistantship is in a nonacademic unit, the third member will be a senior-level administrator from the nonacademic unit. Should the committee not resolve the grievance, it will be referred to the dean of the student's college for a final decision. For matters involving sexual harassment and/or discrimination, please see the "Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures" and the "Discrimination Complaint Procedure" in the University Graduate Catalog.

 - Approved by the president
September 29, 2007



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