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Inclement Weather and Emergencies

(University Policies and Procedures, #1020)

Statement: This policy concerns the operation of Old Dominion University (classes, academic services, and administrative operations) at its main campus in Norfolk, Virginia, the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, the Peninsula Higher Education Center, the Tri-Cities Higher Education Center, and the Northern Virginia Center, as well as other off-campus locations in the affected geographic areas.

The provost and vice president for academic affairs is designated as the authority to close the university for reasons of inclement weather or emergencies. The authority will be exercised in consultation with the other vice presidents and the director of public safety. Closing decisions will be communicated directly to the vice president for institutional advancement as this position has primary responsibility for implementing the closing notification process. In the provost and vice president for academic affairs' absence the responsibility for this function shall pass to the administrators in the following order of priority:

  1. Vice president for administration and finance

  2. Vice president for student services

  3. Vice president for institutional advancement

  4. Dean, College of Arts and Letters

  5. Dean, College of Sciences


  1. In the event of inclement weather or emergencies outside of normal business hours which may affect the operation of the university, the director of public safety will notify the provost and vice president for academic affairs as early as possible of conditions which may require cancellation of classes or closing of the university. The provost and vice president for academic affairs will inform the director of public safety of his/her decision at that time. He/she will also inform the vice president for institutional advancement.

  2. When the university is closed due to inclement weather/emergencies only "designated personnel" will be required to work. Such personnel will be credited with compensatory leave time for hours worked during such periods in accordance with Department of Personnel and Training policy 1.04, Office Closings, Inclement Weather/Emergencies. Designated personnel at Old Dominion University include employees in the Department of Public Safety, residence halls, residence hall food services, Physical Plant, and other such personnel as are needed to cope with conditions caused by the inclement weather/emergencies. Other persons may be designated as "designated" in view of circumstances at the particular time. Budget unit directors are responsible for notifying personnel under their supervision of their "designated employee" status.

  3. The Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement will be responsible for informing students, faculty, and staff of a decision to close the university because of inclement weather/emergencies. The following news media will be informed immediately and urged to broadcast the closing.
    Television Stations
    WTKR-(CBS) 3
    WAVY-(NBC) 10
    WVEC-(ABC) 13
    WHRO-(PBS) 15
    Radio Stations
    WHRV-FM 89.5
    WTAR-AM 790
    WKOC-FM 93.7
    WNIS-AM 850
    WNSB-FM 91.1
    WPTE-FM & AM 94.9
    WCMS-FM & AM 100.5

    103 JAMS
    WPCE-AM 1400
    WTJA-AM 1270
    WHOV-FM 88.1
    WROX-FM 96.1
    WFOG-FM 92.9
    WWDE-FM 101.2 2WD
    WGH-AM ESPN 1310
    WNVZ-FM Z104
    The Virginian-Pilot
    Daily Press
  4. If a decision is made to close the university during hours of normal operation, each of the deans, directors, department chairs and other supervisory personnel will be informed by telephone. Vice presidents are responsible for ensuring that this telephone notification is carried out within their respective areas.

  5. If the duration of the closing of the university is more than two days, it may become necessary to extend the school year to compensate for the canceled classes. The president or his/her appointed authority shall determine the necessity for such extension.

  6. Designated Personnel
    1. Employees who work their normally scheduled shifts during authorized closings will be credited with compensatory leave for the hours worked.

    2. Non-exempt employees required to work hours beyond their normally scheduled shift will be compensated in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (normally overtime pay or overtime leave).

    3. Employees who fail to report to work as scheduled must charge missed time to annual, sick, compensatory or overtime leave, or leave without pay, as appropriate, unless the employee was in a previously approved leave with pay status on the day of the closing.

    4. Employees who arrive late to work due to transportation difficulties should not be charged leave when the supervisor believes that the delay was justifiable in view of the conditions.

  7. Non-Designated Personnel
    1. To be eligible for pay during an authorized closing, employees must work or be on paid leave the work day prior and the work day after the closing.

    2. Employees who are on an approved paid leave on the day of an authorized closing will not be charged leave.

    3. Employees who report to work during an authorized closing will not be credited with compensatory time unless approved by the president.

    4. For partial shift closings, (late openings or early closings), employees must work all or part of the work schedule (or be in paid leave status) the day before and the day after the authorized closing.
      1. Employees who are allowed to leave work prior to the effective hour of the closing must charge the difference between that time and the official closing time to leave.

      2. Employees who arrive late to work due to transportation difficulties should not be charged leave when the supervisor determines the late arrival to be justifiable in view of the conditions.

      3. Employees on paid leave on a day of partial shift closing shall not have those hours of the shift closing charged to their leave balances.

      4. Hourly and student employees shall be paid for those hours which they actually work. Therefore, hourly and student employees shall not be paid during the time the university is closed if they do not work.

      5. If any hourly or student position is designated as "designated personnel" by the budget unit director, the employee should be paid for the hours actually worked.

      6. Designated hourly or student employees required to work in excess of normally scheduled shifts will be paid at time and one half overtime if:
        1. their position is considered non-exempt and

        2. the total number of hours worked in the work week exceeds forty.

Old Dominion University Child Study and Child Development Centers
The Old Dominion University Child Study and Child Development Centers follow the university's inclement weather/emergency closing policy. Parents and faculty will be informed when the university closes due to weather. Announcements of university closings are given on all major TV and radio outlets in the local area. No refunds will be made for days or parts of days missed because of such closings. If, for any reason, one of the children's buildings is without power or flooded, or cannot be used (even though the rest of the university has re-opened), an additional effort will be made to notify all parents of those children affected.

- Approved by the president
December 1, 1988
Revised July 29, 1991
Revised January 6, 2003
Revised October 1, 2003


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