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Visiting Scholar/Volunteer Policy

The University's ownership interest in intellectual property and confidentiality in research conducted by the University must be protected. Volunteers and Visiting Scholars are permitted wide access to research and provide substantial advancement in many instances. The assistance, while valuable, must not compromise the ownership of the intellectual property or the confidential nature of the projects. All Volunteers/Visiting Scholars granted access to research projects at the University shall execute an approved agreement. A Visiting Scholar is an individual who is employed by another institution and is present at the University either as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding with another institution or at the institution's direction. A Volunteer is an individual who has agreed to assist the University without compensation in a research or academic undertaking.

           The following procedures shall be followed:

  1. Each unit of the University shall be responsible for identifying all Visiting Scholars and Volunteers involved in the development or improvement of intellectual property.

  2. Once a Visiting Scholar or Volunteer is identified, the unit must have the Visiting Scholar or Volunteer sign the sample agreement, which is available from the Office of Research.

  3. The unit shall maintain a copy of the agreement and the original shall be sent to the Office of the Vice President for Research where the documents are to be maintained.

  4. No Volunteer or Visiting Scholar shall be permitted to begin work until an agreement has been executed.

  5. The Office of Research shall monitor the implementation of the policy and provide training to affected units.


- Approved by the president
May 13, 2010


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