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Research Foundation

The Old Dominion University Research Foundation is a corporation under contract with the university for management of fiscal and administrative matters related to externally funded research and other sponsored programs. In this regard, the Foundation serves as an agent for the university and this service encompasses its mission. The Research Foundation provides a broad range of services to the university community. Among them are proposal submission, assistance in budget preparation, receipt and fiscal management of funds for sponsored projects, hiring and procurement, financial compliance monitoring, and reporting. Any requirements for security clearance of faculty or staff for the purpose of meeting the needs of sponsored programs are also managed by the Foundation.

           The vice president for research and the Research Foundation executive director work closely to assure that administration of the university research enterprise is efficient and well organized. They are responsible for coordinating university policies regarding the conduct of research and Research Foundation procedures on managing sponsored programs.

           The Research Foundation office is physically maintained on or in close proximity to the campus to facilitate its service role.


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