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Policy on the Use of Computing Resources

Policy #3500

Responsible Oversight Executive: Vice President for Administration and Finance
Date of Current Revision or Creation: February 21, 2011

    The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities in the use of information technology (IT) resources at Old Dominion University.


    Virginia Code Section 23-9.2:3, as amended, grants authority to the Board of Visitors to establish rules and regulations for the institution. Section 6.01(a)(6) of the Board of Visitors Bylaws grants authority to the President to implement the policies and procedures of the Board relating to University operations.

    Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act, Virginia Code Section § 23-38.88, as amended


    Data - An information asset that represents, but is not limited to, individual data elements, lists, addresses, documents, images, measurement samples, programs, program source code, voice recordings, aggregations of data, or other information in a digital format. Data in a tangible object, typically paper, is excluded from this policy, but is subject to other University policies, including, but not limited to, policies on records management and confidentiality.

    Information Technology Resources - Include, but are not limited to, computers, telecommunication equipment, networks, automated data processing, databases, the Internet, printing, management information systems, and related information, equipment, goods, and services.

    Use - Use, in the context of this policy, is not limited to actions by end users. Use is defined as any activity in the design, development, construction, implementation, transmission, storage, protection, retrieval, support or management of information technology.

  4. SCOPE

    This policy applies to all users of Old Dominion University information technology resources and governs the use of all information technology resources whether owned by or operated for University business through contractual arrangements, including, but not limited to, all employees, students, volunteers, employees of affiliated organizations, and visitors to the institution. Employees include all staff, administrators, faculty, full- or part-time, and classified or non-classified persons who are paid by the University. Students include all persons attending classes whether enrolled or not enrolled. Affiliated organizations are separate entities that exist for the benefit of the University and include the Foundations, the Community Development Corporation, and the Alumni Association. Visitors include vendors and their employees, parents of students, volunteers, guests, uninvited guests and all other persons located on property, owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the University.


    As owner of information technology resources, Old Dominion University acknowledges its responsibility to:

    • ensure the appropriate and lawful use of these resources,

    • safeguard the integrity of computers, networks, and data,

    • ensure that use of electronic communications complies with University policies, and

    • protect the University against damaging legal consequences.

    Old Dominion University employees, students, and other users are afforded the privilege of using information technology resources. Privileges are granted for the expressed purpose of supporting the University's mission of instruction, research, and service and for conducting the business and administrative functions of the University.

    All users of IT systems are responsible for reading and complying with University information technology requirements, reporting breaches of IT security, actual or suspected, to University management and/or the Information Security Officer, taking reasonable and prudent steps to protect the security of IT systems and data to which they have access, and complying with any Federal, State, or local statutes and University policies and standards as might apply to these resources.

    Old Dominion University reserves the right to revoke any user's access privileges at any time for violations of policy, standards and/or conduct that disrupts the normal operation of information technology resources.


    The specific procedures, standards, and guidelines to be utilized for compliance with this policy are published on the Office of Computing and Communications Services IT Policy website.


    Assistant Vice President for Computing and Communications Services


    Old Dominion University Board of Visitors Policy 1626 - Information Technology Management.pdf

    University Policy 6620 - Personal Use of University Materials or Funds


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