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Webb Center Scheduling Policy and Procedures

(University Policies and Procedures, #3211)

Webb Center facilities are available for scheduling at the following times: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and weekends, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Exceptions to these times will be considered on an individual basis. The following policies and procedures will be utilized by those organizations and individuals who wish to utilize Webb Center facilities.

  1. Written reservation forms should be submitted to the Webb Center Scheduling Office not less than ten days prior to the scheduled event. All forms must designate a room arrangement and all equipment needed, when possible. If this information is not available at the time the form is submitted, it must be submitted to the Scheduling Office no later than forty-eight hours before the event.

  2. All food events in Webb Center must be catered by Old Dominion University Dining Services, unless written approval from Dining Services has been granted. All requests for catering can be made with the director of catering at Ext. 3-4691 or the catering manager at Ext. 3-3342. Completed menus must be submitted to the director of catering services at least one week prior to the catered event. Final guarantee must be given 48 hours before the event.

  3. All space-reservation forms must have the appropriate signatures:
    1. Student organizations and recognized campus groups: Only the persons whose names are supplied during the annual re-registration process will be authorized to sign in the name of that organization. Faculty advisers are permitted to sign only if they are among the listed authorized signatures.

    2. Academic/administrative offices: The signature of the department chair/director is required when the request is in the name of the department.

  4. In case of cosponsorship, the nonuniversity organization(s) cosponsoring the event must be listed on the space-reservation form in addition to the university division or department. In any case of cosponsorship between a university and nonuniversity group, the recognized organization involved assumes full responsibility for compliance with the policies and procedures of accountability which it would normally assume if it were the sole sponsor of the event.

  5. A recognized student organization should normally be the sole sponsor of an event utilizing university facilities. Cosponsorship of an event is encouraged when the educational and service opportunities of the university are enhanced. In such cases, the nonuniversity organizations cosponsoring the event must be listed on the space reservation form in addition to the recognized student organization, and the vice president for student services or designated representative will review the appropriateness of the proposed event according to these guidelines prior to authorizing the use of university facilities. The cosponsorship of an event by a recognized student organization with a nonuniversity organization solely for the purpose of avoiding rental or maintenance fees normally assessed the latter group is not appropriate.

  6. A space will not be assigned without a signed confirmation form. It should not be assumed that a reservation is confirmed until a signed copy of the confirmation form is received.

  7. A waiting list for those who wish to schedule space already reserved will be maintained and honored on a first-come, first-served basis. No more than three names will be kept on the waiting list for a particular date and space. Persons on the waiting list will be contacted should space become available.

  8. Security personnel may be required at an event. This decision will be based upon the nature of the event, when it occurs, the number of participants anticipated, and the food and beverages to be served. Non-student organizations will be responsible for payment in full of all security costs.

  9. All student organization fund-raising events held in Webb Center must be approved by the Office of Student Activities. A separate procedure has been established for this requirement. Information is available from the Office of Student Activities. All such events must be approved at least forty-eight hours in advance and require the signature of the director of student activities or his/her designee.

  10. The Scheduling Office reserves the right to determine which facilities are appropriate for an event and may deny a request for a specific facility on the basis of suitability. The Scheduling Office also reserves the right to alter the assignment for a confirmed reservation in the event of emergencies. Groups will be contacted by mail or phone if changes are made.

           For further information on scheduling Webb Center, contact the Webb Center Scheduling Office in Room 1104 of Webb Center, Ext. 3-3436.

  - Approved by the president
December 1, 1988


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