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Bulletin Boards and Posting of Materials

(University Policies and Procedures, #2201)


  1. No materials shall be posted on trees, windows, walls, doors or glass panels either inside or outside university buildings. The only exceptions are materials relating to fire, health or safety (such materials must be approved for posting by the director of public safety) and materials posted on bulletin boards.

  2. Bulletin boards are provided for the posting of signs, papers, posters, advertisements, etc.
    1. Assigned Bulletin Boards
      1. Bulletin boards are assigned by the vice president for administration and finance for the exclusive use of academic departments.

      2. Assigned bulletin boards are labeled and are the responsibility of the department to which they are assigned.

      3. No materials may be posted on assigned bulletin boards without authorization of the department.

      4. The department is responsible for removal of unauthorized material and for keeping posted materials updated.

    2. General Bulletin Boards
      1. General bulletin boards are posted in various campus locations and are available for the use and benefit of the campus community.

      2. Material posted on general bulletin boards is subject to approval by the vice president for student services or an authorized representative.

      3. Areas designated for the posting of materials are designed to provide a means to advertise campus events, publicize services for students, and inform students, faculty, and staff of interesting off-campus activities. All individuals and organizations posting notices are expected to design and display their materials in a manner respectful of the diverse beliefs, opinions, and attitudes that exist in an institution of higher learning. Posted items must be educational or informative in nature. Items advocating an infraction of any law, ordinance, or official university regulation may not be displayed and are subject to removal by the vice president for student services or an authorized representative.

  - Approved by the president
July 12, 1984
Revised December 1, 1988


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