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Student AIDS Policy

(University Policies and Procedures, #4400)

Statement: As its primary approach and response to the AIDS epidemic, the university focuses on educating various groups about the disease. These target groups include selected administrators, Student Health Services personnel, Residence Life staff and assistants, Old Dominion University students (on and off campus), students in allied health professions, staff, faculty, and the local community.

           Students who are HIV positive or have AIDS are not required to reveal this information to anyone at the university. If a student decides to reveal this information to a university employee, confidentiality will be maintained. No information will be released without prior written consent of the individual with AIDS.

           There will be no restrictions placed on students with AIDS or a positive HIV antibody test. In certain situations, a health care provider may recommend a private room for an individual with AIDS to protect the health of the immunodeficient individual. Every effort should be made to meet these requests.

           No program of screening students for AIDS will be initiated. Information regarding screening will be available for those students who request it through Student Health Services.

           Guidelines for safe handling of blood and body fluids have been formulated (see Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plans by Student Health Services, Athletic Department, etc.). The Bloodborne Pathogen program is overseen by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

           These recommendations were formulated based on the recommendations of the American College Health Association in their "General Statement on Institutional Response to AIDS" of January 1988.

 - Approved by the president
January 1, 1995
Revised May 10, 2001


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