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From the "Purpose" of the Faculty Senate Constitution: "Specifically, the Faculty Senate shall represent the faculty of the university in recommending policies to the president and other appropriate individuals and bodies on admissions and registration, curriculum, academic freedom and tenure, faculty statue, academic standards, and related matters." My position on faculty and the academy is summed up in a modification and transposition of a famous quote from Edmund Burke on "jurisprudence" to apply to "faculty and the academy". My version is as follows:

The art and science of university education, the pride of the human intellect, which, with all its defects, redundancies, and errors, is the collected and collective reason of ages of faculty, combining the principles of original, and ever expanding, education with the infinite variety of human concerns.

In any event, there is much effort and responsibility associated with exercising the authority of the faculty on academic matters, as we must, on the basis of the collective wisdom of the faculty, and we must individually and collectively, answer this call to duty.

Paul J. Champagne, Professor

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