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I. Promotion

A. Board of Visitors Policy

            1. Promotion to associate professor and full professor

            2. Associate professor and tenure

            3. Full professor

            4. Procedures for faculty hired before June 30, 1982

II. Tenure

A. Purpose of tenure

B. Eligibility

            1. Rank(s)

            2. Administrators

            3. Constraints

C. Probationary Period ( Should a reference to AAUP guidelines be added here?)

            1. Start date

            2. Constraints

                        a. Non-tenure track positions

                        b. Administrative positions

                        c. Non-teaching positions

                        d. Leave of absence

                        e. Faculty exchanges

D. Probation extension

            1 - 10 procedures to request and secure extensions

E. Length of Probationary period

F. Reduction of probationary period

            1. Teaching experience at other institutions

            2. Exceptional merit

III. Criteria for promotion and the award of tenure

            A. Introduction, tasks

            B. Basic criteria

                        1. Minimum rank requirement

                        2. Merit defined

                                    a. Teaching

                                    b. Scholarly activity and research

                                    c. Service

IV. Procedures for Promotion and Tenure


A. Considerations and Responsibilities

            1. Responsibilities of review personnel

            2. Evidence of performance over time in rank

            3. Rank structure of the department

            4. Examination documents and reviewers responsibilities

                        a. Copies to the candidate and the time frame

            5. Informing the faculty candidate of committee meetings and invitation to appear

            6. Adding additional documentation

B. Faculty Candidate Responsibilities

            1. Credentials

            2. Documents to be submitted

            3. Provide list of external reviewers

            4. Statement of potential conflict of interest with external reviewers

C. Composition of committees

            1. Department Promotion and Tenure Committee

                        a. Committee formation

                        b. Small departments

            2. College Promotion and Tenure Committee

            3. University Promotion and Tenure Committee

D. Appeals of unfavorable decisions

            1. Initiation of appeals

                        a. Forwarding documents for appeals

            2. Appeals

                        a. Department/chair unfavorable

                        b. College committee / dean unfavorable

                        c. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs unfavorable

                        d. President unfavorable

                        e. President reports to BOV

E. Reviewers responsibilities and procedures

            1. Department

            2. Chair

            3. Either recommends forward to college committee

            4. Neither recommends - terminal contract for tenure

            5. Dean

            6. University promotion and tenure committee

            7. Provost and Vice president for academic affairs

            8. Promotion and/or tenure beginning date

            9. Forward to President

            10. Denial by Provost and VP - terminal contract

            11. Unfavorable recommendations and decisions

                        a. Department/chair

                        b. Dean

F. External Reviews

            1. Selection process

                        a. Nationally recognized experts

                        b. Responsibility to secure

                        c. External reviewers' qualifications

                        d. Confidentiality

            2. External reviewers' responsibilities

                        a. Curriculum vitae

                        b. Evaluate quality of work and candidate's scholarly reputation

                        c. Minimum number of required reviews

                        d. Assistance provided