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1. Written Communication Skills, 100 Level (3 hours) 

The first-year writing skills course, ENGL 110C, will remain unchanged.

Upon completing the first-year 100-level writing skills course, students will be able to:

  • abstract and summarize the content of texts in a range of disciplines
  • analyze both their texts and the texts of others based on rhetorical criteria (e.g., organization toward a purpose or effect; use of assumptions and appeals appropriate to the targeted audience and situation)
  • analyze arguments, including uses of assumptions, claims, emotion and reason
  • move from analysis to evaluation, judging texts for effectiveness and credibility
  • distinguish between scholarly and popular treatments of ideas
  • edit their own writing to ensure that it is reasonable free of errors in such surface features as syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • practice appropriate means of documenting their work
  • analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information so as to formulate adequate theses, moving beyond the scope of reporting information to composing papers that express their reasoned judgments on their topics
  • practice writing as a process and apply the writing process to a variety of contexts.