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11. Interpreting the Past (Way of Knowing) (3 hours) 

The justification for Ways of Knowing is the need for our students to become more broadly educated because our students will enter a world in which they will hold several different jobs, and perhaps even embark on a succession of careers during their lives. Equally important is the consideration that this education will make their lives richer and their outlook broader even in the unlikely event that demands on their expertise do not change. All of the Ways of Knowing are required to consider the ways in which gender, age, poverty, ethnicity and globalization fashion and influence our lives.

The objective of this Way of Knowing is to provide an understanding of historical analysis for non-history majors.


  • Students will assess the strengths and weaknesses of historical methodologies.
  • Students will identify, explain and use historical concepts and terms.
  • Students will hypothesize causal relationships in history such as economic, social, intellectual, political and cultural issues.
  • Students will construct a critical chronology of the subject.
  • Students will identify basic elements of the relevant geography.
  • Students will make effectively logical and coherent arguments based upon factual evidence.