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2. Written Communication Skills, 200 Level (3 hours) 

What are now ENGL 111C and ENGL 131C will be restructured into a sophomore-level component of (two) (three) craft courses. These courses will be designed to address distinct writing methodologies among the colleges and will be taught by the Department of English:

ENGL 211C, English Composition in the Disciplines I
ENGL 221C, English Composition in the Disciplines II
ENGL 231C, English Composition in the Disciplines III

Upon completing the second-year 200-level writing skills course, students will be able to:

  • understand how to incorporate research responsibly and effectively into an extended piece of academic writing
  • recognize the core principles of argumentation, including proper use of assumptions, claims, emotion and reason, as well as identification of logical fallacies, biases and propaganda
  • develop a repertoire of effective and ethical rhetorical tools for academic and professional writing tasks
  • read popular, academic and professional nonfiction writing analytically and critically.